In-Depth QUADMax Review - Foresight's Latest

After nearly 7 years since the launch of the GCQuad, Foresight has launched an upgraded version of its renowned GCQuad launch monitor, known as the QuadMAX.

The QuadMAX retains the same advanced four-camera photometric data capture technology as its predecessor, but it goes above and beyond by offering a plethora of additional features within its compact design. Notably, the QuadMAX stands out with its touchscreen display, innovative on-device data parameters, and the inclusion of swing speed training for users.

We’re excited to get our hands on the new QuadMAX for a full review, but for now, we'll take you through the similarities and differences between the GCQuad vs. QuadMAX.

What do the GCQuad and QuadMAX have in common?

Although Foresight made a number of upgrades with the QuadMAX vs. GCQuad, let’s first go over some of the top features that were carried over.

Both units use quadrascopic (four camera) technology to capture clips of your club and the ball at impact that help the launch monitor measure and calculate data.

The dimensions of the unit (12.5” tall by 7” wide by 4” deep) and the hitting zone size (18” x 14”) also stayed the same. At this size, both units are easily portable to and from your golf simulator space.

Both have bluetooth and WiFi capability, an ethernet port and a USB-C port.

New Foresight QuadMAX Features

Touchscreen and MyTiles

No more navigating through menus with clunky buttons. We’re excited to try out the QuadMax’s new touchscreen equipped with MyTiles.

MyTiles lets golfers personalize the data they wish to view on the launch monitor screen. I wonder if they'll let us show an 'Avoiding Bunkers for Dummies' stat. Asking for a friend who's still perfecting the art of golf course navigation.

Need For Speed Training

With the QuadMAX, golfers can track their swing speed using a golf club or speed training aid, all without the need to hit a single golf ball.

With this feature, golfers can focus solely on improving their swing mechanics. So, go wild, don’t worry about waking up the kids, you can work on your swing speed goals with just the whisper of the club.

Memory On Board

With its built-in memory, the QuadMAX securely stores all your shot and session data, so you can review and analyze your practice sessions at a later time.
This feature of the QuadMAX should help eliminate any distractions from tablets or screens, helping golfers improve most efficiently.

More Data

The QuadMAX comes with all the same data parameters as the GCQuad, but also adds ball apex, ball descent angle and ball offline. 

GCQuad vs. QuadMAX Comparison

Check out the table below to see a direct comparison of the features between the GCQuad and QuadMAX, and stay tuned for an anticipated February launch on Carl’s website!

Comparison chart courtesy of Foresight Sports.

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