GSPro Software Review

Looking to try a new golf simulation software with your launch monitor? Read this before trying out the GSPro software. 

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Some people play indoor golf strictly for fun. Others take it seriously, looking to improve their game and scores.

GSPro software is for the latter. Yes, you can still have fun while playing it, but the graphics, ball flight physics and community make GSPro one of the best.

GSPro is officially supported with Uneekor, Foresight and FlightScope launch monitors. For other launch monitors such as the SkyTrak or Garmin Approach R10, options might exist as it has an open API/interface available for anyone to create software to integrate GSPro. 

With GSPro’s stunning, detailed 4K graphics, you might forget you’re golfing indoors and think you’re actually on the golf course. Don’t try to wave down the beverage cart, though; no software has built an actual beverage cart into its platform (yet). 

Those excellent graphics play into the unbelievable game physics that puts GSPro ahead of its competition. Plus, the online community of GSPro users is hard to beat as they continually create and add courses that anyone can play worldwide on the Simulator Golf Tour (SGT). The SGT course server is included, but the online tour portion of SGT has a yearly subscription. 

GSPro is also known for its top-notch customer service, supporting users in many different ways, including helping them make virtual golf courses. 

It costs $250 per year, but the yearly subscription gets you all the latest updates. You will also have the ability to purchase the optional lifetime add-on for $350, which upgrades your subscription to allow you to access GSPro even if you cancel your subscription. The version you would have lifetime access to is the most recent version that your subscription allowed you to have. 

If you bundle the two together, you can pay $550 ($50 savings) up front, and then the yearly subscription fee, to get the best that GSPro has to offer.


GSPro requires a Windows PC with at least 4GB of free space and at least a GTX 1070 or RX 580 GPU.


GSPro Screenshot

When you first open the software, you’ll have five different options to choose from:

  • Local game: Play your downloaded golf courses.
  • Tournaments: Play online against others around the world on the Simulator Golf Tour.
  • Practice: Sharpen your skills at a driving range or by playing any shot on any course with the on-course practice option. 
  • Online Game: Start and join “rooms” to play custom games or rounds with friends. 
  • Settings: Amongst many settings you can customize, this is where you download courses from (under the courses tab on the top).  

One of the best parts about this user interface is that it’s simple, straightforward and not hard to find what you’re looking to do. As GSPro continues to add awesome features, the yearly subscription will allow you to access those updates.

As one of the most affordable golf simulator softwares on the market, it’s probably time to jump on the bandwagon of the new, ultra realistic GSPro software.


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