How to Assemble a Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Whether you’ve already purchased a Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit or you’re still trying to decide if it’s the right fit for you, this golf enclosure assembly video walks through the quick and easy steps for assembling this kit in your home or business.

In the video, the team from Carl’s Place will walk you through the main assembly steps, including:

  • Building the frame
  • Installing the Ceiling Panel
  • Installing the Side Panels
  • Hanging the Impact Screen
  • Installing the Foam Cushions

Did you know that a Golf Simulator Enclosure is a proven way to increase off-season revenue for your golf course or event business? If you’re not sure what size enclosure to order, be sure to check out our article on How to Choose the Best Golf Simulator Size. We’ve also compiled our best tips for How to Extend the Life of your Golf Impact Screen.