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A local golf pro explains which pieces of golf launch monitor data are most important to improve your swing and how his club uses the Trackman launch monitor in their golf simulator.

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You can read all about launch monitor data definitions, but which data parameters are most important to improving your golf game? 

Of course, each individual golfer is different; not everyone’s swing is the same, which means just about everybody will have different areas of their swing and data they need to work on.

That said, a golf simulator is similar to a driving range in this way: it’s not all about hitting bombs and swinging as hard as you can to up your club/ball speed. 

What Are The Most Important Launch Monitor Data?

According to Matt Hartmann, head golf professional at Blackhawk Country Club in Madison, Wis., some of the most important launch monitor data to help analyze to improve your golf game are club path, club face angle and attack angle. Club path being the top priority for analyzing your swing.

“Path is always going to be the No. 1. Path and face is what you’re looking at the most,” Hartmann said. “(Some golfers) might not know that their face is open 12 degrees and they’re coming over the top, so that’s why it slices.”

Hartmann uses Trackman launch monitors with Carl’s Place DIY enclosures and impact screens at BCC. 

Hartmann has been the head pro at BCC for 4 years. He also has a lot of other experience in the golf industry, including attending college for golf course management and coaching the Madison Memorial High School boys golf team. 

Using the Trackman Launch Monitor Data

“I think all of the numbers are incredibly great,” Hartmann said. “There are a lot of things on the Trackman where you can work on specific things when it comes to those numbers.

“Club and ball speed is not the only thing to worry about. Once you get that out of their head that it doesn’t actually have to go any harder for the ball to go further, you just have to square it up and have a little better path and then all of a sudden your ball flight with the same speed goes 10 yards further.”

FYI: Some launch monitors do not track much, or any, club data. Typically, you will have to spend more for a launch monitor that offers high-end club data. 

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Despite having access to some important launch monitor data, Hartmann warned to not get into “number chasing.”

“We can explain (to our students) what they’re working on and why these numbers are getting better, and they can use that feedback even more than we can for practice,” Hartmann said. “When you’re at the range, you’re basing everything basically on ball flight and aim and all that. 

“It’s nice to have the Trackman to tell you what the real story is in your golf swing.”

Trackman itself confirms a lot of what Hartmann said in this blog post. They list face angle, club path, impact location, attack angle, low point and carry as six numbers all amateur golfers should know. 

How an Experienced Golfer Can Improve Their Swing

For a more experienced golfer who is looking to take that difficult next step, Hartmann said it’s typically a simpler fix.

“From being a better player, they have a better grasp of what the numbers are actually saying to them,” Hartmann said. “You have the tour guys with the coaches there basically making sure they are aimed right and they’re aligned right, so they have the confidence to hit a shot where they think it is going.”

How Our Golf Expert Uses the Trackman Launch Monitor

Hartmann said that BCC purchased golf enclosures and impact screens through Carl’s Place because of the DIY option.

“When we bought one for the golf shop, we were blown away with how nice it looked and how easy it was to put together, so we had to buy two more of them and it worked out great,” Hartmann said. “(Carl’s Place) offers great products that work … Your price is good.”

Hartmann said they chose the Trackman launch monitors because they wanted the best and most accurate on the market since they are using it for teaching. However, he said there are so many great options now.

“(Carl’s Place) has products that seem just as good. You can get some affordable stuff. It all just depends on your space and what you have,” Hartmann said. 

Make sure you buy a launch monitor that has those important golf swing metrics. 

“If you get something that shows you ball flight and can keep you swinging in the winter, it’s going to help you out,” Hartmann said. 

Carl’s Tip: If you’re looking to focus on club data, we would suggest using the Uneekor EYE XO or QED, or the FlightScope Mevo+ (with Pro Package add-on) launch monitors.  

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