Golf simulator ideas for righties and lefties

What golf simulator equipment is best for both righties and lefties? We've got you covered.

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Finally, your golf simulator setup is all put together. You’ve played a few rounds just to test it out before inviting friends and/or family over to entertain for an evening. Everything is working great for you as a right-handed golfer.

Your company comes over a couple days later and your buddy walks in with a set of left-handed clubs. It hits you: your golf sim setup is great for righties, but not ideal for lefties.

Maybe your launch monitor would have to be moved around for someone of the opposite handedness, or you don’t have enough room on your hitting mat or in your enclosure for multiple golfers to be swinging both ways.

Dude, don’t embarrass yourself.

If you’re planning on having friends or family use your golf simulator, be sure to get the best golf simulator for right- and left-handed players.

Considerations for Including Left-Handed Golfers

Launch Monitors for Left- and Right-Handed Golfers

First off, the launch monitor. There are several launch monitors that sit adjacent to the ball, such as the SkyTrak, Foresight GC3, Foresight GCQuad or Uneekor EYE MINI. While they are great launch monitors, the environment they work best in is when you don’t have to move them back and forth for righties and lefties. 

While it is possible to continually move them around, it’s not ideal. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “time is money.” Save your time from moving the launch monitor back and forth, aligning it for each shot, so on and so forth, and bank it for some more socializing with your friends.

We’ve also heard of opposite-handed people swinging over the launch monitor. It might work, but also might affect the swings of those people, and sounds slightly dangerous. 

That said, your best option for a launch monitor would be one that sits directly behind the hitting area, such as a FlightScope Mevo+, Trackman 4 or Garmin R10, or one that is mounted above the hitting area, such as the Trackman iO, NVISAGE N1, ProTee VX, Uneekor EYE XO or QED, or the Foresight GC Hawk.

These launch monitors do not have to be moved as long as they line up with the area where the ball is going to be hit from, no matter if it is a righty or a lefty hitting. This means that righties and lefties should be hitting from the same small area.

The launch monitors that sit on the ground behind the hitting area are great because they can be moved and adjusted easily, and even taken to the driving range with you. However, they do get in the way and might be accidentally kicked around by guests if not protected. 

That’s where the overhead mounting comes in handy. Get your launch monitors out of the way of guests, balls and clubs by mounting them overhead.

DID YOU KNOW?: You can mount electronics, such as a launch monitor or projector, to a Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure.

Golf Enclosures for Left- and Right-Handed Golfers

If your golf simulator setup includes the immersive experience of hitting inside your enclosure, you’ll want to make sure your enclosure is wide enough for both righties and lefties to swing. If you have a central hitting area in your enclosure, we suggest a 14-foot wide enclosure to allow 7 feet on each side for backswings from righties and lefties.

Golf Hitting Mats for Left- and Right-Handed Golfers

One other piece to keep in mind is your hitting mat. Some golf mats have more room on one side of the hitting area than the other. With a golf mat style like that, you have to rotate your hitting mat for an opposite-handed golfer.

While some golf mats are lighter than others, it's just not ideal to have to continually drag your golf mat around the floor to accommodate your golfing friends.

Carl's Place offers many hitting mat options.

Fiberbuilt golf mats come in a wide range of styles and widths, many of which accommodate dual-hitting areas.

The Single hitting mat by TrueStrike is a solid option for individual golfers, but once a different-handed player jumps in to hit, they will have significantly less room to place their feet. The solution to that would be the Academy hitting mat, where each side has an equal amount of room, or buy an additional section to add to your Single mat.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that accommodates a right- and left-handed golf setup, check out the 4x9 Carl’s Place Hitting Mat or Country Club Elite Hitting Mats.

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Building a Golf Simulator for Righties and Lefties

Don’t get us wrong: it is just fine to build a right- or left-handed only golf simulator setup just for you.

But, having the option to easily switch between opposite-handed players is not only ideal, but will help save you from embarrassment when that opposite-handed friend comes over. Know how you’re going to use your golf simulator before you order.

Need help making sure your golf simulator build is best suited for all your friends and family, left-handed or right-handed?

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