SkyTrak vs. Mevo+: A 2023 comparison

The new SkyTrak+ vs. the Mevo+ 2023 edition: which one has more accurate numbers? Check the data and see which one is best for your home golf simulator setup.

In early 2023, both the Flightscope and SkyTrak brands released upgraded versions of their mid-budget launch monitors, appropriately named the Mevo+ 2023 version and SkyTrak+, respectively.

These two companies and their products are often compared for many different reasons, but mostly because of the price point of their mainstream launch monitors. First it was the SkyTrak vs. Mevo+, and now it’s the SkyTrak+ vs. Mevo+ 2023. The original launch monitors were in the $2,000 price range, while the newer versions are just slightly pricier. 


We put both launch monitors up to the test inside the Carl’s Place showroom on the same shots, using the high-end Foresight Sports GCHawk launch monitor as the baseline. Using a Titleist RCT ball, we took 10 shots each with a driver, 6 iron and pitching wedge to see which one was more closely aligned with the GCHawk on the following data parameters:

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Spin



Below is the data for all three launch monitors from the 10 shots we took with a driver.

Comparing the carry distance data, the Mevo+ 2023 was 9.5% off from the GCHawk, while the SkyTrak+ was 5.5% different. For ball speed, both the Mevo+ 2023 (0.73%) and SkyTrak+ (0.34%) were within a percent of the GCHawk.

Overall, the SkyTrak+ (11.7%) outperformed the Mevo+ 2023 (20.9%) on driver spin. 

Winner of the driver data comparison: SkyTrak+


Results for the 6 iron were slightly different than the driver. Check the data below.

The SkyTrak+ was again closer to the GCHawk on carry distance and ball speed, but this time, the Mevo+ 2023 was closer on the spin numbers.

The SkyTrak+ was just 1.53% different on carry distance and 0.5% different on ball speed, but was 8% different on spin. The Mevo+ 2023 was still pretty accurate for carry distance (3.41%) and ball speed (1.31%), but was very accurate for spin (1.46%). 

Winner of the 6 iron data: SkyTrak+


Both launch monitors were great for pitching wedge numbers, but overall, we saw similar results to how the 6 iron data turned out.

It was the Mevo+ 2023 again being closer to the GCHawk on spin numbers, but the SkyTrak+ was better on carry distance and ball speed.

The Mevo+ 2023 was 2.1% off on carry distance, 3.2% off on ball speed and 2.5% off on spin. The SkyTrak+ was 1.4% off on carry distance, 1% off on ball speed and 12.5% off on spin.

Winner of the pitching wedge data: SkyTrak+


Per the data in this comparison, the SkyTrak+ seems to be more accurate than the Mevo+ 2023 when compared to the numbers from the Foresight GCHawk.

Keep in mind that some launch monitors deal with different indoor interference factors, such as the Mevo+ 2023 being used in a steel building. So, in some environments, the Mevo+ 2023 might outperform the SkyTrak+, but not in Carl’s current showroom setup.

All that said, both launch monitors are hard to beat at their respective price points. They provide accurate data at a cost much lower than the GCHawk.

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