Trackman Golf Simulator: Your Indoor Setup Guide

Upgrade to a pro-level indoor golf setup with Trackman Golf Simulators and Carl's Place golf enclosures. Achieve precision in every swing.

Is Trackman the best golf simulator? By the price, you’d certainly think so. Trackman golf simulators are on the higher end of the pay scale, and for good reason.

Just watch the PGA Tour each weekend and you’ll likely see some video footage of professional golfers getting ready for their upcoming round using a Trackman on the driving range. If professionals trust Trackman technology to get them accurate data, all levels of golfers should be able to as well.

But that’s outdoor. What about using one indoor? What kind of space and setup is needed to use a Trackman launch monitor at home? We’ll take you through more info about Trackman golf simulators below, along with our recommended enclosures for different Trackman golf simulator setups.


As of fall 2023, Trackman introduced a new overhead-mounted launch monitor - the Trackman iO - which starts at $13,995. Trackman’s more established launch monitor, the Trackman 4, starts at $21,495.


In comparison, the overhead-mounted Uneekor EYE XO2 and Foresight Sports GCHawk are closest in price. Other radar-based launch monitors placed similarly to the Trackman 4 behind the golfer and tee area include: FlightScope Mevo+ and the X3; the Full Swing KIT; and the Garmin R10. 

Long story short, there aren’t many other radar units that are close in price to the Trackman 4, but with the launch of their new Trackman iO launch monitor, the brand seems to be interested in becoming more appealing to those with not-so-large budgets.


Simply, yes. They can work with any of Carl’s enclosures, from the smallest DIY Enclosure to the largest Pro Enclosure. 

Carl’s Pro Enclosures even support mounting electronics such as the Trackman iO, but DIY Enclosures do not. But that’s no worry for a Trackman 4 setup as it just sits on the ground behind the hitting area.

That said, you do need to make sure you have enough room depth for the Trackman 4, whether you plan to create this setup at home or in a commercial location. 

Trackman Indoor Space Requirements

Setting up a Trackman 4 indoors requires:

  • About 1 foot of buffer space behind your impact screen.
  • At least 10 feet of space between ball position and impact screen. The larger this distance, the better a radar-based launch monitor will work based on the available ball flight it can read.
  • Approximately 7 feet between ball position and Trackman. You’ll also want at least this space for a comfortable swing.

Trackman 4 Space Requirements

According to Trackman’s website, the Trackman iO should be mounted 9’4” to 10’ above the hitting surface, with a recommended height of 9’8”. The unit also needs to be mounted 3’3” to 3’5” in front of the tee (measured from tee to center of mount). There must be at least 8’2” between impact screen and tee, which means Carl’s Place suggestion of 10’ between impact screen and tee will work.


Trackman Commercial Setup

With a high-end launch monitor like a Trackman, commercial golf simulator business owners will likely want to pair it with a higher-end setup. Carl would suggest a Pro Enclosure or Built-In Golf Room Kit with Premium Impact Screen.

In comparison to a DIY enclosure, Carl’s Pro Enclosure can be made in larger sizes, and the black knit fabric walls and ceiling have a top-of-the-line finished look. The built-in kit or a larger and deeper enclosure, such as a 10-foot-high-by-15.5-foot-wide-by-18-feet-deep, allows you to swing completely inside the enclosure for the most immersive experience.

And, with the recommended 10 feet from tee position to screen and Trackman sitting about 7 feet behind the ball, the launch monitor itself could be contained inside the enclosure.

NOTE: Radar-based launch monitors tend to produce more accurate numbers with more ball flight to read. Due to limited ball flight inside, you likely will get most accurate numbers with Titleist ProV1 RCT balls. These balls have a built-in metallic strip that helps radar-based launch monitors measure data. RCT Golf BallIf you don’t have the room for that deep of an enclosure, we can customize the size of Pro Enclosures down to the inch. You could even go as shallow as 2-feet deep, but beware that you’ll likely want some side and top protection for any shanks or high-lofted wedges.

Add a Back Cover Kit to your Pro Enclosure to provide a sleek black finish on the outside, and keep out ambient light for a brighter projected image on the inside. Then you’ll have yourself an immersive setup to go with your top-of-the-line Trackman golf simulator.


While Carl can manufacture enclosures and impact screens to fit in a room with 8-foot ceilings, we would suggest trying to find a space that has at least 9-foot ceilings, and ideally find one that has 10 feet of height.

At 8 feet, most people won’t be able to swing much more than some wedges and irons. At 9 feet, some might be able to squeeze in a driver swing, but 10 feet allows just about anybody to swing all their clubs. Plus, 10-foot ceilings fall perfectly into Trackman's mounting requirements for the Trackman iO, which is a better option for home setups. 

If you have or are planning to invest in a high-end Trackman unit, you probably will want to be able to swing all your clubs. So, if you’re able to find a space at home with 10-foot ceilings, we would suggest going with one of Carl’s largest standard-sized DIY enclosures: the 9-foot-by-12-foot.

diy-with-baffles-garageThe benefits of having a 9x12’ enclosure with your Trackman unit include:

  • Standard 4:3 aspect ratio: most projectors have a 4:3 aspect ratio option. Depending on where they are mounted, should be able to fill the viewable screen perfectly to each corner. This helps provide the cleanest and most immersive experience, which is what most Trackman owners would want.
  • Having 9 feet of height will put the top of the enclosure at a height that will help catch any high-lofted shots, but it also gives enough buffer space above the enclosure to help with assembly and provide a buffer between your ceiling and enclosure.
  • A 12-foot wide enclosure fits well in a 14-foot wide room, which is what we would suggest the minimum width be if you want to have both righties and lefties golfing.


So what’s the best Carl’s Place enclosure to pair with a Trackman launch monitor? Really, it’s whatever enclosure you can fit in your space, because Trackman golf simulators can work with any of Carl’s golf enclosures.

Not sure how to measure your space for a golf simulator? We explain how to measure your space for one. Or, check out our golf simulator customizer where you can plug in your room dimensions and the tool will help you figure out what size enclosure will fit best.

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