Which Fiberbuilt golf mat is right for you?

No matter what your indoor golfing situation is, you can likely find a Fiberbuilt mat that can fulfill your needs. We will help you decide which is best for your situation.


Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

The Fiberbuilt product “family tree” is full of many different branches, twigs and leaves. Carl’s Place recognizes the high quality and considerable variety of Fiberbuilt golf mats and accessories that are beneficial to just about any golfer, but especially those with an indoor golf setup.


Fiberbuilt offers three different series of golf mats:

  • Player Preferred

  • Grass

  • Performance Turf

Each of those three have different styles, shapes and sizes amongst them, but with all the different standard options, which Fiberbuilt golf mat is right for you? We will compare the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred vs. Grass Series vs. Performance Turf Series and help you decide which Fiberbuilt Mat might work best in your space. 

Assembling a Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

One huge benefit of Fiberbuilt mats is that they can be assembled without any tools due to their modular design. The heavy-duty and sturdy rubber foundation comes in squares that lock into each other, while the hitting strip or turf pieces lie inside that rubber foundation.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat Styles and Hitting Configurations

Each series of Fiberbuilt mats is broken down into different styles, which are then broken down into different hitting configurations. One constant is that nearly all Fiberbuilt mats are about 2 inches thick.

Styles include:

  • Small home studio mats

  • Larger mats for righties and lefties

  • Combo putting green and golf mats

  • Hourglass shaped mats

  • and more! 

Hitting configurations include:

  • Single Hitting: Comes with one offset hitting strip/area. Best used by one person or same-handed people.

  • Double Hitting: Comes with two hitting strips, typically one on each side of the hitting mat. Great for when both lefties and righties are going to use the golf simulator, but space is tight so the golfer needs to hit offset to avoid hitting a wall with their backswing. However, you will either need to move your launch monitor/sensor back and forth to each hitting area or invest in two launch monitors.

  • Center Hitting: The ideal setup for both righties and lefties to play on because the sensor or launch monitor can stay in the same position. More space is needed so that golfers can comfortably swing without hitting their surroundings. 

Check out Fiberbuilt’s YouTube channel for more visuals of their mats and the product page for all the specific details. 


It seems as though there’s not much negative talk in the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred reviews, and for good reason.

It is called the “Player Preferred Series” because Fiberbuilt partnered with six-time PGA Tour champion Steve Pate, who helped make this mat to be popular amongst high-quality golfers. It's made for the golfer who is serious about getting better. The hitting strip area of the mat includes “Pure Impact Turf,” which is made with a soft layer that “absorbs 94.7 percent of club head vibration.” 

That means you should be able to hit down and through the ball without feeling the vibration pain in your joints. You know, that swing that you can do outside where you strike the ball and then take a nice divot? This mat allows you to do that without the reverb and pain afterward. 

Many will compare this series of Fiberbuilt vs. TrueStrike because of the special vibration absorbing layer, similar to TrueStrike’s gel section. 

The Player Preferred Series comes with two different styles of mats: studio and combo.


It’s right in the name. These mats are great for studios, whether it’s a teaching studio or a home golf simulator. They come in single, double and center hitting configurations.

The single hitting mat is 8’ wide by 4’ deep and comes with one offset Fiberbuilt golf strip area, a stance area and a spacer area. The spacer area is a great place for a ball gathering tool, and/or launch monitors that sit next to the ball and need to be at the same level as the hitting surface. 

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

The double hitting mat is 4’x12’ and comes with two hitting strip areas on either side. Although a setup like this might seem impractical since you’d have to have multiple launch monitors or move the launch monitor around, they work well in tighter spaces and don’t force you to rotate the mat for opposite handed players.

The best mat to have both righties and lefties hit off of would be a center hitting mat. It is 10’x4’ and has a central hitting strip area. Both righties and lefties can hit from the same area so you don’t have to adjust your launch monitor or buy a second one. Just make sure both sides have enough room to swing comfortably.

GREAT FOR: Serious, good golfer(s) with somewhat limited space.

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The title refers to a combination (ha, get it?) of a studio mat with Fiberbuilt putting greens. These are great for those who want to practice all types of golf shots, from drives and irons to chips and putts. But, you’ll need plenty of space for them.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

The putting turf, which comes with two cups in the corners, measures at a 9 on the stimpmeter. Golfers have said that it has realistic check and roll if you feel like practicing some short chip shots. 

Similar to the studio mat, it comes in single hitting, double hitting and center hitting varieties. 

The Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Single Hitting Combo Mat has an offset hitting strip surrounded by Fiberbuilt’s putting turf and is 8’ wide by 10’ deep. The Double Hitting Combo Mat has a hitting strip on each side, and the center hitting again has a central hitting strip. 

GREAT FOR: Serious golfer(s) with unlimited space and unlimited budget.

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If you’re looking for a great golf hitting mat made more for amateurs, Fiberbuilt Grass Series mats might meet your needs. 

In general, Fiberbuilt Grass Series mats have a hitting strip made of artificial grass fibers that are longer and stiffer, which allow players the opportunity to swing down and through the ball and into the forgiving artificial grass, not experiencing the joint pain you get with other mats. 

Not only will you avoid pain, but your Grass Series mat will last a long time. Fiberbuilt guarantees you 300,000 swings off this series of golf mat. The nice thing about the hitting strip is that it is removable so you can compare inserting divot action vs. Fiberbuilt hitting strips. 

Popular styles of Fiberbuilt Grass Series Mats:

  • Hourglass Pro

  • Studio Mats

  • Combo Mats

  • Practice Station

  • Traditional Mats


The Hourglass Pro mat comes in a single hitting and double hitting style. The single hitting has just one hitting strip on one side of the mat, while the double has a hitting strip on each side of the mat so both righties and lefties can use it at the same time. 

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

The big advantage of the Hourglass style is its small footprint. The single is 5’ wide by 4’ deep, while the double is just one foot wider at 4’x6’.

The smaller size not only takes up less space, but allows you to move the mat around more easily. This is important because many Fiberbuilt mats are heavy duty and are not the most portable. 

GREAT FOR: Learning golfer with limited space and budget.

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The Grass Studio Mats are similar to the Player Preferred Studio Mats, again coming in single, double and center hitting setups. Just swap out the hitting surface for the grass hitting strip.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

Single hitting setups come in 4’x7’ or 6’x7’ sizes. Double has 4’x10’ and 6’x10’ options, while center has 4’x9’ and 6’x9’.

GREAT FOR: Learning golfer with average space and budget.

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Grass Combo Mats are just like the Player Preferred Combo Mats, but replace the Player Impact Turf with the artificial grass hitting strip. The Grass Combo Mats come in just double and center hitting positions.

Both the double and center hitting styles come in three sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x12’ and 10’x16’. 

GREAT FOR: Learning golfer with unlimited space and budget who maybe plans to upgrade the hitting mat portion to a Player Preferred Mat in the future. 

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The Fiberbuilt Practice station is great for indoor use as it is relatively small (61"x40”). It’s also a good fit for beginning golfers looking for some help with their swing as it comes with many training components. 

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

Instead of a stance area made of artificial turf, the Practice Station comes with a rubbery stance area that is grippy, and also easily assembled or stored away. 

GREAT FOR: Beginning golfers on a budget with space limitations.

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The original Fiberbuilt; Traditional Mats combine Fiberbuilt’s Grass hitting surfaces with its Performance Turf in both single and double configurations. 

Traditional Mats are seen often at driving ranges, but also can be used in your indoor golf setup. 

The single sizes out at 4’x5’, while the double is 4’x6’.

GREAT FOR: The golfer who just wants something simple, but not as basic as the following series.


Similar to many budget hitting mats, the Performance Turf Series is just one surface all the way throughout the entire mat for both standing and hitting. It’s Fiberbuilt’s best option for the money saver. 

The surface holds real tees so that you can still hit driver, plus the rest of your clubs, without having a rubber tee receiver. 

The turf has a rubber backing on it, which helps it grip the rubber base to provide a sturdy and comfortable foundation for your feet. The denseness of the turf makeup is great for practicing from a tight lie like a fairway or tee box. 

A common comparison would be the Carl’s Hitting Mat vs. Country Club Elite vs. Fiberbuilt Performance Turf. They come in three different styles:

  • Hourglass Mats

  • Tee Boxes

  • Tee Box Combo Mats

The turf rolls up easily to be put away into storage. 


The Performance Turf Hourglass mat comes in three different sizes - 3’x5’, 4’x5’ and 5’x5’ - that fit well in small spaces. 

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

The Hourglass mats come with integrated training elements, such as alignment rods. The shape of the mat helps you find a good shape for your golf swing. 

GREAT FOR: Budget, beginning golfer with limited space. 

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With the consistent surface across the entire classic square or rectangle shaped mats, it feels like you’re actually on a tee box. See what they did there?

The square comes in three sizes: 4’x4’, 5’x5’ or 6’x6’. The rectangle also comes in three sizes: 4’x6’, 4’x8’ and 4’x10’. 

GREAT FOR: Golfer with average budget who likes the look of the classic rectangular or square shapes. 

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It’s not often you see a tee box and a putting green right next to each other, but that’s what you get with this Fiberbuilt Combo Mat. 

Essentially, it’s a Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Tee Box nudged up to a Fiberbuilt Putting Greens. They come in three large sizes: 10’x12’, 10’x14’ and 10’x16’. 

GREAT FOR: Golfer looking to practice all golf shots in their sim at a reasonable price compared to most other combo mats. 

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Fiberbuilt golf mats fit the needs of just about every golfer, experienced or novice, budget-conscious or those with unlimited budgets. 


As an authorized dealer of Fiberbuilt Golf Mats, Carl’s Place can source any of the Fiberbuilt mats shown here. Or, want to see something really cool? Try our Build Your Own Golf Simulator tool where you can custom size your indoor golf setup and add a Fiberbuilt mat all in one easy portal.

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No matter what your situation is, you can likely find a Fiberbuilt mat that can fulfill your needs and make your golf simulator experience a positive one. 

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