Uneekor EYE MINI Review

The anticipation has been killing many indoor golfers for more than a year, but the wait is nearly over - the Uneekor EYE MINI is hitting the market in April 2023, according to Uneekor’s website.
Uneekor EYE Mini

The EYE MINI, which starts at $4,500, is similar to the Foresight Sports GC3 and GCQuad, the Bushnell Launch Pro, and SkyTrak+ in that it’s a photometric launch monitor that is placed adjacent to the ball and hitting area. It’s in the middle of the pack in terms of price; it’s more expensive than the SkyTrak+ and BLP, but more affordable than the GC3 or GCQuad. 

One of the best aspects of photometric launch monitors is their portability: use it at home or take it to the driving range with you. Previously, Uneekor only offered higher-end, overhead mounted units that were neither portable nor meant to be used outside, so this is an impressive step.

The Uneekor EYE MINI is said to have the power of the EYE XO in a compact, portable package. We’re excited to take it out for a field test and check the EYE MINI’s accuracy, like we did with the EYE XO field test.


The powerful Uneekor EYE MINI records a plethora of ball and club data:

  • Ball speed

  • Launch angle

  • Launch direction

  • Back spin

  • Side spin

  • Club speed

  • Club path

  • Club attack angle

  • Smash factor

  • Carry distance

  • Side distance

  • Apex height

In comparison, the less expensive SkyTrak+ captures ball speed, club speed, launch angle, total distance, carry distance, roll distance, angle of descent, back spin, side spin and side angle. 

The higher priced GC3 has the ability to measure (depending on subscription level) club speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attack, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, total distance, spin rate, spin axis, side spin and spin angle. 


The EYE MINI comes with the Uneekor View software on PC or iOS, which is convenient when you’re at the driving range and need a mobile device. Uneekor View is the standard software that comes with the EYE XO as well. Uneekor View Software lets you see the club and ball data of your shots on a driving range and watch replays of your swing.

The EYE MINI also works seamlessly with Uneekor’s accessories, such as the Swing Optix Cameras, and uses the Ball and Club Optix Technology to provide accurate data. In order to gather club data, users have to place included stickers on their clubs.

There are four different packages golfers will be able to choose from: 

  Player Package Pro Package Champion Package (Subscription Fee) Legend Package (Subscription Fee)
View (PC version) Yes


Yes Yes
View Data (iPad, iPhone, Android) Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Air (iPad) No Yes Yes Yes
Refine+ No No Yes Yes
3rd Party Programs No Yes Yes Yes
Number of profiles 5 20 100 100
Number of sessions per profile 15 100 500 500
Cloud Video (Power U Report) No 500 1000 1000
Compatible with Swing Optix and Balance Optix? Yes Yes Yes Yes

See Pricing

See Pricing

See Pricing

See Pricing


  • EYE MINI Launch Monitor

  • EYE MINI Carrying Case with Carrying Strap

  • View Software for PC and View iPad app

  • Power Cable and Adapter

  • CAT6 Ethernet Cable

  • EYE MINI Club Stickers


See how the EYE MINI compares to other Uneekor launch monitors.

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