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Carl's Place Fixed Frame Projector Screen Kits

Fixed Frame Projector Screen Instructions

The assembly instruction booklet is included with your kit, but you may also download Carl's Fixed Frame Kit Instructions here. (1.52 MB PDF)
Video Coming Soon!

To make the booklet:

  • Save the file to your computer
  • Open in Adobe Acrobat
  • Click File
  • Click Print
  • Check Print on both sides of paper
  • Click Flip on Short Edge
  • Click Print
  • Fold in half

Two Corrections:

  1. The manufacturer may not have included a Spring Puller tool. If you did not receive one, needle nose pliers will work in lieu of the spring puller. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    • Tip: There are 3 rims inside the frame. Attach the small end of each spring to the outer most rim on the frame and the big end of the spring to the screen’s grommets. The screen should be tight for a flat, clear, crisp image.
Carl's Fixed Frame Projector Screen Kit
Ready to Assemble— Goes together in minutes!
  1. Additionally, some kits came with an optional support pole which runs vertically behind the screen. You should see 2 threaded holes in the center, on the back of the frame. The threaded frame holes will line up with the screw holes on the support pole. Position the pole so that it is flush with the back of the frame. The support pole, which was included in error, was originally designed for kits larger than the sizes we carry. It is for this reason it was not included on the instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience.