5 Benefits of a Golf Simulator

golf simulator benefits

One of the most common frustrations of the modern golfer is not the inevitable bad shots or the slow pace of play, it’s that they simply cannot golf as often as they like. Whether it’s lack of time, poor weather or something else, it’s just not easy to get that regular play time. The popularity of indoor golf simulators has been rising, and for good reason. In this post we’ve compiled the most popular reasons a golf simulator is a great choice for every golfer.

1. Avoid Rain Delays

The most obvious benefit of an indoor golf simulator is that it gives you the freedom to golf year round in any weather. This handy Golf Simulator Screen Finder will help you narrow in on the golf simulator screen solution that’s best for your space and application. There’s no need to put the clubs in storage for those inclement winters or too-hot summers. Throw in some realistic artificial grass and you’ll quickly forget what the weather is like outside. With easy setup, you’ll be ready to play before rain (or the next polar vortex) shuts down your local course.

benefit of a golf simulator

2. Tee time is on your time

Don’t let your busy or unpredictable schedule jeopardize your play time. A simulator gives you the flexibility to play a round of golf at any time of the day, meaning you’re no longer at the mercy of course hours or tee time policies.  Whether cancelled plans give you an unexpectedly free afternoon or you’d simply like to squeeze in a late night practice, your next round is ready when you are. Set yourself up for your best game by choosing the right golf impact screen material and never miss tee time again.

golf simulator will help you level up

3. Level up

Off season practice will help you improve your golf swing and get you in winning position for next season on the course. A home golf practice is great for any skill level, allowing you to work on whatever technique it is that you want to improve. Depending on the software you choose, the feedback you get will likely be even more helpful than what you can learn from golfing an outdoor course, helping you quickly improve your game. Check out some of the most popular launch monitor and software choices.

4. Make the most of unused space

Has the recent decluttering trend left you with a little extra space in your bonus room, garage or basement? You don’t need a mega-mansion in order to have your very own golf room. Golf impact screens and enclosures are conveniently available in a variety of standard and custom sizes – to easily fit any space you have available. Check out these golf simulator testimonials and see how golf enthusiasts have upgraded even the most limited spaces into something that sparks joy, and find the golf simulator screen that’s right for you.

diy golf simulator

5. Save money

It’s surprisingly inexpensive to Build a Brag-Worthy Golf Simulator at home. Save thousands and build the best golf simulator under $1,000 with a DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. At this price point, the investment will pay for itself after just a handful of games. If you’re considering a commercial or deluxe home set-up, our Pro Golf Enclosure Kits offer larger sizes and exclusive, professional-grade features.

If you’re looking to save even more, these golf simulator packages allow you to simply choose your DIY Enclosure Kit size, Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Software and watch the savings add up.


In summary, simulators are a convenient and inexpensive way to improve your golf game. You’ll find that you can fit in more practice time while gaining the insight necessary to better your swing. Set yourself up for your best game and order your golf simulator today.


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