Golf Simulator Turf: The Cherry On Top

Practice chipping and putting in your indoor golf simulator by adding putting turf. We partnered with Big Moss Golf to bring you Carl’s Golf Simulator Turf.

Carl's Place golf simulator turf

Golf simulator turf … it’s kind of like the cherry on top of your sundae when it comes to an indoor golf setup. You’ve got the enclosure, the impact screen, the projector and launch monitor, but that sleek, span of synthetic green from tee to screen? Yummy!

What kind of sundae could be so yummy, you ask? Carl prefers the hot fudge royale at Lauber’s Ice Cream Parlor in his hometown of East Troy, Wis. And yes, with a cherry on top, even though he claims: “My wife steals it every time.”

That’s why Carl and the fine folks at Big Moss Golf are working together to offer Carl’s Golf Simulator Turf as an accessory to Carl’s DIY Enclosures, which can give your indoor golf setup that delicious look and taste we all strive for with the cherry topper.

Big Moss owners Tony Persico (CEO) and Kellen Stanger (CFO) described why they wanted to partner with Carl’s Place.

“Since the inception of Big Moss Golf in 1998, quality and customer service have always been the most important aspects of our company,” they said. “We’ve learned a great deal about our customers and their expectations in the performance of our short game products and putting surface. As a result, the Big Moss brand has become synonymous with quality.”

“It’s the same positive brand recognition we see in Carl’s Place.”


Also called ‘putting turf’, ‘landing turf’, ‘artificial grass’, ‘indoor putting green’ or just ‘golf simulator flooring’, turf not only makes your simulator look good, but also provides benefits for golfers looking to improve.

Carl's golf simulator turf accessories


Including golf simulator turf in your indoor golf setup not only makes it look and feel more like an actual golf course, but can also help you become a better golfer. We agree with many people that having turf with realistic looking grass blades looks fresh, but we prefer a good look that also comes with a true putting green feel.

Big Moss’ V2 surface is considered by many to be the #1 golf putting green. The ‘True Roll Technology’ provides the most consistent and accurate roll in the turf industry.

“Years of research and development with input from the top teaching professionals and players in golf allowed us to manufacture a product that not only appeals aesthetically, but also delivers the performance expected by a tour player,” Big Moss said.

The turf, which has a Stimpmeter reading of about 14, can of course help you improve your putting game, but also, depending on your space and setup, could provide a short game practice area where you can hit short chip shots at the holes.

With added foam padding underneath the turf, golfers can practice putts that break cross grain and cross slope as well. And you’re not just putting toward a made up area; the turf comes with precut holes that act no different from real holes on a golf course.

Don’t practice putts only from your hitting area to the provided holes. Putt from a closer distance to practice those knee-knockers that can make or break your round, or move to one corner and putt diagonally across your turf to practice longer putts! The turf also comes with inserts that can make the hole smaller so you can practice drilling your putts in the center of the hole instead of barely lipping in a putt. The smaller the hole you practice on, the bigger the hole will look out on the course.


Most kinds of turf, whether made for putting or solely for looks, will be aesthetically pleasing in a golf simulator. However, Big Moss’ turf has a bright green golf color that contrasts well with Carl’s enclosures; it will no doubt catch the attention of your friends and family.

Most kinds of turf also dampen the sound of the golf ball as it comes off the impact screen and hits the floor. However, Big Moss’ turf dampens the sound and helps the ball roll back to your hitting mat to minimize your time collecting your golf ball.

And when you don’t want to bend over to pick up your golf ball, just use the handy putting and ball return ramp that will help you bring it up to your hitting mat, helping you lessen your retrieval time and effort.

Carl's golf simulator turf ramp

Depending on your screen tension, you can make it so that you barely have to move to reach for the ball after each shot. How much easier can it get?

The putting holes in the turf come with flag inserts to make it look and feel a little more realistic. The “flag poles” are springs, which save them from breaking when struck with a golf ball.

The turf comes with an edge piping to keep the turf from fraying and give it that complete and finished look.

Carl's DIY Enclosure with Golf Simulator Turf

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Big Moss products are 100% made and assembled in the United States, hand made to specific sizes.

They use a wrinkle-free rubber backed surface that is approximately 28% heavier, helping the surface lay flat, even when placed on carpeting - no bubbling or bunching.

“Our team takes pride in the manufacturing of every single green that goes out of our shop,” Big Moss said.


Carl's golf simulator turf install

Golf simulator turf greens made by Big Moss can be found worldwide. Its most famous installation is at the Acushnet/Titleist headquarters.

Big Moss Turf is endorsed by PGA National Teacher of the Year recipients:

  • Michael Breed, 2012 PGA Teacher of the Year and host of the Golf Channel’s “The Golf Fix.”
  • Lou Guzzi, 2013 PGA Teacher of the Year.
  • Kathy Jensen, 2014 PGA Teacher of the Year.

As you can see, it’s widely used in professional teaching studios around the world.


Ultimately, the decision to buy golf simulator turf is up to you. It is not a necessary component of an indoor golf setup, but you know how we feel about it; just read the first couple paragraphs again if you forgot.

That said, there are dozens of different golf simulator flooring options available, and several different stores or websites you can purchase from. Here are some of our other favorites, or ones that we have previously used:

Let us help you take your home or commercial golf simulator project from an idea to a ready-to-build plan.

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Any questions about golf simulator turf? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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