A Golf Simulator Can Grow Your Business This Off-Season

Depending on the climate in your area there’s a pretty good chance your golf course experiences a slow-down in the winter months. When the temperatures are frigid and the green is covered in white fluff, many course managers are faced with the challenge of finding additional ways to add value, drive memberships up and keep revenue flowing. The same problem is often true for courses in locations that experience extreme heat in the summer months or frequent rain-outs. However, with the right strategies and a bit of creative planning you can turn your golf course business from a seasonal affair into year-round profit. In this article we’ll review how the addition of a golf simulator can be just the tool to combat your seasonal downtrend and ensure your golf club has a long and healthy future.

Winter on a golf course
Winter on the golf course

Increase Off-Season Revenue

A primary way golf courses across the country are boosting winter traffic is by investing in golf simulators. In the article, 5 Benefits of a Golf Simulator, we mention the primary advantage of owning a golf simulator is taking weather completely out of the equation. This benefit applies not only to home golf simulators but to commercial golf simulators as well. When you start introducing opportunities for your members to improve their golf skills indoors as well as on the course, your golf business becomes more financially stable year-round. 

As a golf course in Wisconsin, Fairways of Woodside is no stranger to inclement weather and the impacts it can have. The addition of Trackman launch monitors combined with Carl’s Place Golf Enclosure Kits has created new opportunities for their course to stay busy. In their own words, this strategy “allows us a different avenue to stay open.” Offering indoor play in your clubhouse gives members a reason to make regular visits throughout the entire off-season.

indoor golf simulator
Indoor Golf Simulator at Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Attract New Members

Maintaining and growing your membership base is likely a top priority in your business. To set yourself up for a profitable year, it’s important to draw new interest even while there’s snow on the ground. Winter is a great time to attract new traffic as recreational options are often more limited. Golf simulator enclosures create a unique opportunity for your facility to fill the winter recreation gap, attract new members and keep current members coming to visit the great indoors.

When describing how the addition of golf simulators has helped attract new visitors to their golf course, Chris, a PGA Professional and the Director of Golf at Fairways of Woodside, points out that an indoor setup “brings not only the regular golfer and the person who really wants to get better at their game, but it also brings that person just looking for a good night out.” 

An important consideration when developing a new membership strategy is to consider offerings that appeal to golfers of all ages and skill levels. Golf training and practice equipped with the latest simulator technologies is an effective way to attract the next generation of golfers. Flightscope, UneekorSkyTrak, and Foresight are just a few examples of companies that are producing systems that mirror the real game with analytics that will help your members quickly improve their skills. Pairing an analyzer with a projector and a high-quality golf impact screen goes a long way to create the authentic golfing experience your members really want. 

If you’re looking for ways to market your indoor simulator offerings to new audiences, the digital marketing strategists at Strong Coffee have published some helpful tips.

winter golf course
Snow Covered Fairways of Woodside in Sussex, Wisconsin

Improve Membership Value

An investment in an indoor golf simulator is also an investment in improved membership value. The availability of off-season lessons helps to keep members engaged even when they can’t be out on the course. As Ryan, a member of Fairways of Woodside, explains, “this time of year this is the facility I use to practice. At least two to three times per week I’ll come here to hit balls or play a league round.” For a full testimonial from Fairways of Woodside, be sure to check out this customer spotlight.

Gary, a regular at Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center also finds value in off-season practice and says that “Ultimately it’s about getting some swings in during the winter to keep your swing going. Then, when you finally do get outside you don’t have that first month of trying to catch up to where you were last year.” If you’re looking for ways to keep your members active, it’s time to consider a golf simulator.

The additional value doesn’t end at golf practice and lessons. A golf simulator setup also gives you the ability to position your venue to host a wider variety of events. Golf simulators are becoming an increasingly popular feature at corporate events, tradeshows and private parties. It’s surprisingly easy to Build a Brag-Worthy Golf Simulator setup.

In summary, winter doesn’t have to mean the end of the season for your facility. A golf simulator setup may be a simple solution to next-level your business. If you’re looking for a tactic to broaden your appeal and increase off-season traffic, be sure to explore our golf simulator solutions.

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