A Golfer's Story: How to Practice Golf at Home

Practicing golf at home used to be an unachievable dream. Now with more affordable DIY golf simulators, Carl's Place customer Cody tells us how he can practice golf at home anytime.

“A lot of people have this misconception, and I was one of them, that you need some sort of extravagant home or commercial space to have a golf simulator.”

Practice golf at home by turning unused space into golf simulator

In life, some hurdles will stand in your way. You can run and jump over them, crawl under them, or run right through them.

Some hurdles are physical, and some are mental. For Carl’s Place customer Cody, it was a mix of both when it came to putting a golf simulator in his home. And he ran right through them.

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Cody's Story on How He Turned Unused Space at Home Into a Way to Practice Golf Any Time

“The biggest hurdle for me personally when I was thinking through the simulator was really in my mind,” Cody said. “I just had this belief that the price, the effort, was kind of over what our budget would allow.”

“It really took me researching, going into forums, and then eventually stumbling on Carl’s Place DIY enclosures to then realize that with our budget, you really could have an affordable, high quality setup in your home.”

Maybe Cody’s experience can keep you from stumbling.

“A lot of people have this misconception, and I was one of them, that you need some sort of extravagant home or commercial space to have a golf simulator,” Cody added. “As I looked into it and came across Carl's Place DIY setup, I realized that it is much more attainable budget and space requirement wise, to make that a reality.” 

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It Started With Unused Space at Home

The process for Cody and his family all started with an empty 210 square foot room they weren’t sure what to do with. Many might try to use that extra space as storage, because nobody ever has enough storage. The problem: this room was a front sunroom that would be visible to anybody who came over, and nobody wants visitors to see a bunch of storage.

Sunroom before golf simulator install

And Turned Into An All-Access Pass to Practice Golf at Home

“We knew we wanted it to be a multi-use space for our family, but we didn’t really know how to accomplish that,” Cody said. “I was in there one day and I was looking around and I was thinking this would be a really good space for a golf simulator. I went to my wife jokingly and was like, ‘Hey, what do you think about putting a golf simulator in that room?’ and she encouraged me to look into it.”

The room already needed some updating work anyway, so Cody figured they would not only update it to catch up with the times, but also add the multipurpose golf simulator to it.

“It was a room we wanted to spend time in,” Cody said. “It started with demo … and then it was kind of putting things back together, so patching drywall, spraying texture, painting, putting new floor in and base trim. Just aesthetically making it a room that we would like to spend time in.”

Now that the room is set up, Cody and his family plan to use it in a few different ways: to practice golf at home any time they want, a place to get some exercise in the winter, and a way to project movies, shows or sports.

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“I’m really excited to have a platform to have consistent swings throughout the winter,” Cody said. “With the launch monitor, there is so much data that you don’t get on the driving range or at the course. Being able to get that instant feedback has really helped me diagnose things in my golf swing that I wouldn’t otherwise have.”

“The second is that we really love to host people in our home, whether that’s a friend or a large group of people. It gives us a unique and memorable experience to share with our friends and family.”

Sun room after golf simulator install

What Home Golf Simulator Did They Choose?

For their golf simulator setup, they decided on a 9-by-12-by-5 foot DIY enclosure with Premium impact screen from Carl’s Place, along with the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor, Optoma EH460ST projector, turf from a big box store and a Motivo Hitting Mat. 

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Cody added that the process of adding a golf simulator to his home went much smoother with the help of Carl’s Place.

“My experience with Carl’s Place, from first contact to last contact, was so positive. When you first reach out, you get kind, friendly, knowledgeable staff that really point you in the right direction. For me, in this situation, I had never looked into a simulator. I didn’t think it was a possibility.”

“They were able to kind of help me narrow my focus and figure out what worked in my space and my budget.”

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“My favorite two components of the enclosure really started with how easy it was to assemble. From start to finish, opening the boxes to how things were labeled to actually putting it together, it was a really smooth process. The second part, which is probably the most important to me, was just that price to quality ratio. I truly think that that ratio is better than anything else that is on the market.”

“The product that you end up with if you go with Carl’s Place is going to exceed your expectations for the price.”

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