How Much Does A Golf Simulator Cost?

Planning how much a golf simulator will cost

The off-season can be a sad time of year for golfers. Your swing needs work, you want to get ready for that friend's tournament you've got planned, but the weather just doesn't cooperate year-round.

You start wondering if you can afford to get in a little more course time.

You could plan a trip to a golf destination where the sun is shining warm and the beverage cart is cool, but the cost of doing that is quite an extravagance. At least on a regular basis.

Here you are, you don't have the budget or time to jet off to a luxury golf course, but you do have some extra space in your home that might make a fantastic indoor golf simulator where you could work on your game whenever you want, regardless of the weather.

Interesting! How much would that cost?

How Much Does A Golf Simulator Cost?

Golf simulators are an investment and whether you want to be a bit frugal or a little more lavish in your golf simulator setup, there's a setup to fit a variety of budgets.

A realistic golf simulator where you can actually analyze your swing costs between $3,000 and $20,000+.

Custom designed golf simulator from Carl's Place


The Cheapest Golf Simulators Are Under $1,000

There are low-end golf simulators or launch monitors you can try for under $1,000 but many times they do not live up to the golfer's expectations. Cheap golf simulators are usually using your own TV with low-quality essentials, or just bringing a launch monitor with you somewhere you can hit the ball.

Many golfers might regret buying these low price "simulators" since they'll either be ridiculously low quality or they aren't true golf simulators. However, some of the lower end launch monitors can be a great starting point. 

These lowest-tier golf simulators won't give you the dedicated space to realistically hit the ball, see a vivid image of your ball soaring over your favorite course, and get a detailed, accurate analysis of your shot.

Instead, save up, get the golf simulator that's an investment, but one that will be durable and realistic.

The cost of golf simulator essentials includes:

  1. Golf Enclosure and Impact Screen - Because you need to keep the golf balls from destroying windows, doors, family, pets, TVs, cars, fans, bowling trophies...etc.
  2. Launch Monitor - To read your swing and ball movement in order to analyze your shot.
  3. Projector Hooked Up To Your Device - If you want to actually see your golf shot go somewhere, left, right, or center.
  4. Hitting Mat - To save your joints from high-impact hits, unless you never ever ever make a divot. Really? Never?

With these essentials, the price of your golf simulator build still varies depending on the quality of items you want. Here are some options that we think best fit most budgets.

Golf Simulator with Mevo+ Launch Monitor

A Low Budget Golf Simulator Costs Between $3,000-$5,000

A frugal golf simulator setup that includes an enclosure and impact screen, a launch monitor, projector, and hitting mat is achievable at a cost of around $3,000. Still not cheap for many golfers, but something to consider if you're on a budget, dedicated to the game, and want to analyze and visualize your shots year-round.

For a little higher budget, you can include a higher quality launch monitor with GSPro or TGC 2019 courses, the Carl's DIY Enclosure with Preferred Impact Screen, a BenQ projector, and a Carl's Place Golf Mat for around $5,000.

At this cost, a home golf simulator would still be a brag-worthy option that any friend of yours would enjoy playing on. Here are the details for the items used in this home golf simulator build.

If you’re a bargain hunter, you might be able to find used golf simulator parts for even less money.

PRO_In use side angle

A High Budget Golf Simulator Costs Between $10,000-$20,000

You may be looking for a higher-end golf simulator setup, one with clearer images, more space, or greater durability. For golfers with a higher budget, a golf simulator with a price tag closer to $20,000 would give you a much more realistic experience to work on your game. 

All in all, the cost of a high-end golf simulator including a Uneekor launch monitor, a spacious enclosure with a premium screen, projector, hitting mat, and software is a good investment for those focused on quality.

Here is an option for building a high-end golf simulator for $20,000:


An Endless Budget Golf Simulator Costs Upwards of $50,000 and More

While out of budget for most home golfers, there are top-of-the-line, luxury golf simulator options. Usually, when spending over $50,000 on a golf simulator, it is for a commercial-grade setup, a custom design for a unique space, or a simulator that a professional golfer uses to get PGA Tour ready at any time.

Carl's Place Pro Enclosure with GCHawk Launch Monitor

You have endless options for setting up a home golf simulator and these options are not even the least or most expensive.

For those wrapping their heads around the cost of adding a golf simulator to their home, basement, or garage, here is a breakdown of where to spend your money for a good build.


How much does a golf launch monitor cost?

The Cost of a Golf Launch Monitor Is $600-$20,000

This extremely wide range of launch monitors is what determines how your shot is analyzed. You'll notice a variety of different club, ball, and swing data parameters get measured depending on which launch monitor you choose.

The accuracy of a launch monitor varies depending on how much you spend. The average launch monitor for home golf simulators costs between $2,000 and $10,000.

Overall, while to some extent you get what you pay for, there are similarities in the quality of launch monitors that make the ultra-expensive ones over-engineered for the typical home golfer. For the most budget-friendly golf launch monitor, within many home user's price range, check out the Garmin Approach R10.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Package


How much does golf simulator software cost?

The Cost of Golf Simulator Software Is $0-$2,000 Plus Subscription Fees

$0? What? Well, golf launch monitors come with their own software so you don't HAVE TO pay for a software upgrade. Most indoor golfers choose to upgrade their launch monitor software.

Some of our favorites include: TGC 2019, E6 Connect Software, GSPro, and Creative Golf 3D.

How much does a golf mat cost?

The Cost of a Golf Hitting Mat Is $25-$1500

With golf hitting mats, you get what you pay for. Straight up. One fat shot and you'll be ordering another $25 one from that big-box retailer. 

To avoid taking chunks out of your golf mat with every swing, we recommend budgeting $500-$700 for a standard golf mat. If you want the extras like a ball holder or room for both righties and lefties, your cost will increase.

Golf mat for golf simulator use

How much does a golf enclosure cost?

The Cost of a Golf Enclosure Is $800-$6,000

Depending on the size of the enclosure and the accessories, a golf enclosure and impact screen will cost around $800 to $6,000. Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Kits with the Standard Impact Screen will be the most budget-friendly, particularly if you build your own frame.

Our Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits are designed for higher-end golf simulator installs. With the higher budget, you'll get top-of-the-line performance, easy installation, more room for your swing, and accessories that make golf simulators your favorite place to be.


How much does an indoor golf screen cost?

The Cost of a Golf Enclosure Is $200-$1,000

Depending on the size and quality of the golf screen, you'll find impact screens range from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand. But, remember, Carl's Place Golf Simulator Kits come with the impact screen.


How much does a golf simulator projector cost?

The Cost of a Golf Simulator Projector Is $400-$5,000

Depending on the features and quality, a projector for your golf simulator costs between $400 and $5,000. And let us tell you if you can afford the $5,000 projector for your golf simulator, do it. Image quality alone, that 4K HD picture is going to make you feel like you really are standing on the tee at Pebble Beach.

Your golf simulator might be going in your garage, but the BenQ 4K projector investment is can make a big difference in how realistic your golf simulator plays.

The Best Time To Buy A Golf Simulator

So, is now – this time of year, and this year compared to following years – the best time to invest in a home golf simulator? Heck yea.

Let’s be clear: there’s never a bad time to invest in a golf simulator.

Golf simulator at home

Who needs to invest in a golf simulator?

  1. Warm-blooded humans who don't like to golf in snow or cooler temps. Or cold-blooded humans who don't like to golf in the blazing heat or high humidity.

  2. Busy people with many important things to do. Tied up this weekend with family coming over? Get a quick round in on Friday night at home to make sure you don’t miss out on those swings, while still having time to help prepare the house for the ensuing chaos.

  3. Golf introverts who love the game of golf, but hate having to go out in public and interact with other humans.

  4. Entrepreneurs looking for a new business idea - take advantage of golf’s growing popularity and help bring the game to your customers. Even a golf course business can add more value to their membership by owning their own golf simulator, providing a year-round facility for members and lessons. Golf simulators can create revenue during times when golf courses aren’t bringing in money.

  5. Golfers who need a little me time.

Is now the time to focus on yourself? To focus on your favorite hobby? 

Golf Simulator Cost Summary

If learning how much a golf simulator costs has driven you to start taking advantage of your off-season free time, then plan out how you can build your own home golf simulator

Little will your friends know that you were tallying up the figures and pinching pennies to build an affordable golf simulator. You can surprise them and be the coolest neighbor in the ‘hood. 

Or, you just keep it a secret and don’t tell anybody. Build yourself a budget-friendly golf simulator and make it your own little golf haven. Your friends will think you’ll be rusty heading into the next year, but instead, you’ll be in mid-season form.


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