Considering a crossbar for your Golf Simulator design?

When building out a golf simulator setup, a few of the more complicated issues to figure out can be where and how to mount the electronics. The Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure from Carl’s Place was designed with this challenge in mind! The sturdy frame easily supports the addition of crucial electronics like golf simulator launch monitors, golf simulator projectors and lights. In its standard design, users regularly mount electronics to the ceiling pipe at the entrance to the enclosure. For users interested in a mid-ceiling placement or for those that would like to mount multiple electronics, a custom crossbar can easily be added to the design.

Crossbars are designed to be placed in deeper bays

Crossbars are available as an optional custom add on for your Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure, giving you the flexibility to have your projector and/or UNEEKOR QED or EYE XO Golf Simulator mounted overhead. Crossbars are designed to be placed in deeper bays (10’+) and placement is specific to each customer’s needs. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to walk you through your exact scenario and set-up. Carl’s Place sells a custom mount for ceiling-mounted launch monitors, like the UNEEKOR QED, the UNEEKOR EYE XO or the Foresight GCHawk, that attaches directly to the enclosure frame or to a crossbar. 

Key measurements to keep in mind with your crossbar placement:

  • QED must be 3′ behind golfer 
  • EYE XO must 3′ in front of the golfer 
  • Crossbar must be at least 2′ to from the screen and 2′ or more back from the leading edge
  • Crossbar can’t be more than 123” away from the screen


In addition to the launch monitor mounts, Carl’s Place also offers a universal golf simulator projector mount which attaches directly to the crossbar or enclosure frame. Keep in mind, your overhead launch monitor should always be mounted in the center of the enclosure (from left to right). Please refer to your projector specifications for the best mounting placement. 

Carl’s Tip: Projectors with keystone correction are a favorite of ours because they give the freedom to mount the projector off center.

As an example…

If your Pro Enclosure is 10’ deep, you could mount your EYE XO overhead launch monitor on the outer edge, nearest the golfer.  This would put the golfer at 13’ away from the screen, which is ideal, since we recommend they be at a distance of 12’ to 15’ away. 

Give our Customer Service Team a call, we’d be happy to talk through your options!