Carl’s Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure for Golf Simulators

Keep your short throw projector safe from golf balls and clubs in your golf simulator with a heavy duty Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure.

Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure

For the most immersive experience, a projector is a necessary component to a golf simulator setup. It helps you feel like you’re almost on the actual golf course. 

However, setting up your projector in the best spot where it will not only be out of the way, but also fill your golf impact screen is not so easy. Sometimes, when space is limited, the only option is to mount it in the scariest of places: directly in front of the golfer. Some of this projector terminology might help you understand why your projector would need to be placed in front of the golfer. 

Does that make you cringe as much as it does us? Placing an expensive piece of equipment right where golf balls will be flying and clubs will be swinging? Yeah, we thought so.


Although we typically recommend not placing or mounting your projector between the hitting area and the impact screen, we realize that there is sometimes just no other option, especially if your sim setup requires a short-throw projector. So, we created the ultimate shield for you: the Carl’s Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure

We like to think of it as a pretty inexpensive insurance policy, similar to our Uneekor protective case. We think it’s a worthwhile investment to protect your valuables.

Our Floor Mounted Projector Case is heavy duty with:

  • Side panels made out of black aluminum that have holes to run cables through
  • A front cover made of clear polycarbonate
  • A top and bottom made of industrial-grade plastic.

The top is also covered with turf for looks and to help camouflage the case in your golf simulator enclosure

CARL’S TIP: This product is not meant to take direct shots over and over again, but should adequately protect your projector from indirect shots.

Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure

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