Turn your RV (or large storage) Garage into Golf Simulator Space

Finding the perfect space in or around your house for a golf simulator can be difficult. It might require decluttering that room that has been filled to the brim for years.

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Did we just spark a little voice in your brain telling you that your full-of-junk garage, or separate storage space, might be the best spot for a golf simulator? Yup, time to get off the couch and get cleaning!

Garages can certainly store valuable items, such as a fancy car, but what’s more valuable than a golf simulator that can help you improve your game? Maybe it’s time to give that car or valuable item the boot to make room for golf.

We talk with customers daily about adding golf simulators to these spaces,” said Nate, a customer service representative at Carl’s Place. “Many are either looking to add one to their garage, or have a pole barn building with free space available for sim options.”

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s talk about how we can transform a garage from a boring storage space to an exciting entertainment area for anybody from beginner to experienced golfers, or those just looking for a great time. 

One reason a garage or separate storage space is great for a golf simulator: space. The more room you have to put together and place your golf simulator setup, the better. Many garage or storage spaces have enough room for a Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure, which provides many benefits to a golfer.

I've found that with separate garage or storage space setups, customers often have more space, or have built the space with a simulator in mind,” Nate said. “I'd still try to find out more about what features are most important to them, and steer them in the right direction from there, but in cases where the customer is looking for more of that permanent polished setup, and has the space, I would recommend one of our Pro Enclosures.” 

The larger size - up to 10-feet tall, 20-feet wide and 20-feet deep - of the pro enclosure is great because it provides a more immersive experience. It also gives you enough room for both righties and lefties to swing comfortably without feeling like you’re stuck in a box. Are your ceilings too high in your storage space and you can’t find a spot to mount your launch monitor, such as a Uneekor EYE XO or QED, and your projector? The pro enclosure is sturdy enough to hold both, and electronic mounts can be purchased with the kit. 

I've found that many of the customers adding golf simulators to pole barns have rather new builds, and actually had the simulator in mind when figuring out their space,” Nate said. “For customers looking to add the simulator to their garages, they're looking to maximize the use of their existing garage space, and especially to give them an option for poor weather months.”

A Carl’s Place DIY Golf Simulator Kit comes in smaller sizes, which might work better for that third garage space you’ve been either trying to fill, or need to clean out. We don’t suggest mounting electronics to the DIY enclosures, so our recommendations for great launch monitors to go with them include the FlightScope Mevo+ and the SkyTrak

I would first ask the golfer more about how that space is used otherwise,” Nate said. “Many customers say that they still plan to use the garage for vehicles or other storage, and need to limit the size of the enclosure or get one that's easier to take down and set back up at times. If this is the case, I would typically recommend one of our DIY enclosure options, and often some additional safety options such as net extensions.”

Both the pro and DIY enclosures can be custom ordered down to the inch. 

My starting point is to ask the customer what's most important to them, and showing them the items that will help best,” Nate said. 

Once you have your spot selected and cleared out, you will want to measure your space - height, width and depth - to help you decide which enclosure might be best for you. Also, make sure you have plenty of power outlet options in convenient locations. Pieces of a golf simulator set up that will need power will include your launch monitor, projector, computer/tablet, any extra lighting you might set up, and so on. 

An overlooked part of a golf simulator setup could be what projector to choose. If your garage has windows or a lot of ambient light, you will want a projector with higher lumen output, which means a brighter image. The BenQ LU710 and LH710 each have 4,000 lumens and high contrast ratios, which work great with competing ambient light. 

Read more about what terminology you need to know when choosing a projector, how to set one up in your space, and our favorite projectors.

Another important piece to keep in mind is that most garages have cement flooring, so you’ll need a softer surface to hit from and a separate one to stop the balls from bouncing away after hitting the impact screen.

For durability, a clean look and realistic feel, TrueStrike has a lot of great options ranging from its single gel turf piece to a significantly larger mat with multiple hitting areas. Artificial grass or turf can be purchased from many big box stores for reasonable prices. 

If you have extra space after setting up your golf simulator enclosure, you could fill it with some comfortable furniture - maybe even some of those old sofas and chairs you had stored in that area before. Just make sure to clean the dust off of them so when you have family or friends over, they aren’t constantly sneezing. 

Speaking of dust … make sure your garage is relatively clean and dry before installing a Carl’s Place golf impact screen with your enclosure. If you do get a little dirt on your screen, we’ve got some tips on how to clean it.

Maybe you just want to take care of decluttering your extra garage space and let someone else handle the design of a golf simulator enclosure in that space. We’ve got you covered with our Custom Golf Room Design Service

It’s like magic - we just helped you turn a useless dumping ground or empty space into one that adds value to your home and provides great fitness and entertainment opportunities. You can thank us later!

Whether a person is looking to work on their game in the offseason, or just have some fun golfing a little extra from home, putting a golf sim in these places can be a great opportunity to have more access to golf without ever having to leave your home,” Nate concluded.