How to Purchase EMT for your DIY Kit

An important thing to know when purchasing a DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit, Hanging Projector Screen Kit or Standing Projector Screen Kit from Carl’s Place is that 1-inch EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing/Conduit) is required to complete these frames. With a DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit you have the option to add-on a pipe framing kit with the EMT you need to construct the enclosure. Alternatively, your kit will include all details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required and you can source them from a local hardware store.

In this quick article we’ll answer the most common questions about sourcing EMT for your DIY Backyard Theater or DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Project.

What is 1″ EMT?

1" EMT Electrical Metal Tubing
1″ EMT is required. Rigid and PVC are not compatible with Carl’s Place kits.

Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) is a zinc-coated steel tube that is primarily used in electrical applications. It is strong and lightweight, making it the perfect material for building your own golf hitting cage or outdoor movie screen . 1″ EMT is what fits perfectly in the fitting connectors that are included with your kit. Other products such as PVC and Rigid tubing are not recommended with our kits.

Where can I find 1″ EMT?

Electrical isle of local hardware store

EMT can be found in the electrical section of any local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s and is typically sold in 10-foot tubes.

How do I cut and mark the 1″ EMT?

1" EMT available at local hardware store

Your kit includes instructions for the quantities and lengths of EMT required for the specific design of your project. EMT can be easily cut to length with a sawzall style saw or a standard chop saw. From a safety perspective, please be sure to wear proper eye and ear protection when using any cutting tools.

Safety is key! To prevent cuts to the hand and to make assembly even easier,  we recommend using a file and deburring tool to clean up the edges of the pipe once cut. The provided diagram will make it simple to mark and assemble your frame.

Carl’s Tip: Most hardware stores will be happy to cut the EMT for you. Simply call ahead and provide your desired dimensions.

NOTE: 1-inch EMT is the trade name, not the actual outer diameter of the pipe. The actual outer diameter of 1-inch EMT is 1.163 inches, or 29.54 millimeters. 


1″ EMT is a readily available and inexpensive material that you can easily source for your DIY projector screen project. Consult our resources section for more project tips and ideas.