Transform your golf simulator into family fun with Creative Golf 3D

Creative Golf 3D not only helps improve your golf game, but provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Golf dart mini game on Creative Golf 3D

Nobody wants to hang out with a “fun sucker.”

Golf simulator software Creative Golf 3D is the complete opposite. It adds life into your golf simulator for people of all ages, and golfers of all skill levels.

“I can’t count the number of times we’ve had people over playing mini-games,” Carl’s Place customer Daniel “DJ” Johnson said. “Serious golfers to beginners all had a blast. No more boring card games on the weekend in our house!”

Creative Golf 3D includes all that other golf simulator softwares offer, but the one key difference is its alternative game mode called Golfisimo, where you can play youth-themed golf courses and games with your youngsters.

“It is comparable with the other golf simulator programs that we sell,” said Tim, a Carl’s Place product tester. “It has very good quality graphics, and the gameplay is very realistic … Hitting on the driving range is great, but with Golfisimo, you get fun challenges to help improve your game.”

Golfisimo incorporates 12 alternative golf games such as demolition golf, darts, battlefield and more, providing the ultimate way to engage young golfers and build their skills.

Demolition game on Creative Golf 3D

“Who doesn't love breaking windows and blowing things up?!” Tim asked. 

Expert Tip: On Golfisimo, Johnson said he puts his kids at shorter yardages while keeping higher, more adult-like yardages for himself, creating a competitive platform for all ages.

“I can shoot over to the driving range and work on shot shapes with their amazing incorporation of gridlines and the ability to have the ball trail start where it hits the screen,” Johnson said. “I can also use the club fitting tool to demo new clubs, and then simply switch over to Golfisimo and play mini games to keep my kids entertained for hours, with myself or their friends.” 

Check out Johnson’s at-home golf simulator setup with Creative Golf 3D, a Carl’s Place DIY Enclosure and Premium Impact Screen.

Creative Golf 3D’s stunning graphics, skill improvement features and courses are second to none.

Carl’s Place offers Creative Golf 3D licenses for the Uneekor EYE XO and QED, and FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitors. It is also compatible with the SkyTrak+ launch monitor, but must be purchased separately through SkyTrak.

You can buy the basic Creative Golf 3D license, as well the expanded course library or Golfisimo add-ons. 

Once you purchase a license through Carl’s Place, a digital download will be sent with an activation code that will allow you to register your software with Creative Golf 3D.

To see Creative Golf 3D in action, visit Creative Golf 3D’s YouTube channel.

Creative Golf 3D Software Box

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