Golf Simulators for Kids' Entertainment?

Why are golf simulators popping up in middle-class homes? Not only for practice - kid friendly games make golf simulators a family and budget friendly add.

Are your kids bored with the options you have at home to keep them entertained? Looking for something new to keep them busy when school is out, while also helping them get some physical activity and improve their skills and coordination?

Buying and installing a golf simulator might sound like an unrealistic option, but the benefits are plentiful: not only can users improve their golf game, but they can also get some exercise and make dual use of it as a home movie theater or multi-sport simulator.

Also, it’s really not as unrealistic as you think

A golf simulator is made up of many different pieces, one of which is the software you can play on. Launch monitors should come with their own software, but those are typically pretty basic and likely not as fun for kids. On the other hand, some third-party softwares provide plenty of fun and entertaining options for kids, or the whole family!

Who knows, maybe your kid will enjoy the games so much, they will fall in love with golf and be able to join (and beat) you on the course a few years down the road. If they end up going pro, just remember us, the original people who gave you the advice to get them interested in golf. 

Golf Simulators for Family Entertainment

Below, in no particular order, we will go through some of our favorite kid friendly golf simulator softwares.

Golf darts on Creative Golf 3D


Creative Golf 3D has some great course play and training options, but also prides itself on its Golfisimo option, which provides games for both training and entertainment.

In Golfisimo, there is mini golf, demolition golf, darts, bridges, barrels and much more. 

In the mini golf games on Golfisimo, work on your putting or enjoy the children’s and adventure golf courses. In demolition golf, break, blow up and destroy different objects and get points based on the difficulty of hitting that target.

There is also a Castaway game where you have to skip from one island to the next until you get to the mainland in the least amount of strokes. This game works on both your power and accuracy in a fun manner. 

Creative Golf 3D is compatible with the following launch monitors: SkyTrak, FlightScope Mevo+, Uneekor QED, GC2 and Indoor Sport Systems. 


E6 Connect is known for its high level of course and online play, but it also has plenty to offer when it comes down to entertaining your children.

Along with mini games, skills combines and training aids, E6 Connect offers up games like H-O-R-S-E (similar to the basketball game), a carnival-type game and a demolition driving range. 

One of the best things about E6 Connect is it is compatible with most of the leading launch monitors in the industry, which allows you to play across platform with others. 


ProTee Play is unique in that it is a cloud-based platform that runs in a web browser, so you don’t have to download anything on your device. 

Using the ProTee software, you can play games where you kill zombies, play soccer, play football, play darts, bowl, destroy stuff and so on. The zombie game might be a little too much for some ages, but there is a way to turn off gore.

ProTee Play is compatible with the ProTee Golf Simulator and SkyTrak


Awesome Golf, which is compatible with FlightScope products, including the Mevo+, and the Garmin R10, offers some similar games as the other aforementioned options.

It has closest to the pin and longest drive contests, but also a super splash and boat blast games that help sharpen up your short game. 


Although other softwares, such as TGC 2019 and GSPro, might not have obvious kid-friendly options, we’ve seen several users get creative to keep their kids interested.

Both TGC 2019 and GSPro have expanding kid and beginner options such as Operation 36, which is an improvement golf program designed to guide a beginner from playing their first round ever to their best score ever on 9 holes. 

Some softwares in the past have had a user-designed driving range with a lot of animals on it for the kids to aim at and knock down, while others have designed shorter courses to make it easier for their younger child to play and have success. 

Also, many softwares make it easy for you to play with your child by allowing each of you to play at age-appropriate tee boxes and levels. 

Kids Course Options on TGC 2019

The more fun and success they have, the more likely they will be to keep playing for years to come.


Once your kids need a break from swinging the club, you have several other options to keep them entertained in the same space.

Maybe you play golf for a couple hours during the day, and then watch a movie or your family's favorite TV series at night. If your simulator isn’t already surrounded by comfy chairs, grab some from the other room, or just pull up some sleeping bags like our customer and friend DJ did with his family

Not many indoor activities come with the added bonus of another option, but golf simulators do, and that’s why they are the best.

golf simulator golf simulator dual use movie theater

Or, take on your kids in some video games! Hook up your favorite system to your projector and get playing on the big screen. In case you don’t know the history of Carl’s Place, old video games have a lot to do with where the company is today. 

What’s your favorite old school video game? We enjoy Nintendo (Mario games specifically) around here, but are willing to venture out sometimes. Video games are pretty easy to get hooked onto and make the time fly by. 

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