VIDEO: UNEEKOR Golf Simulators – Unboxing the QED and EYEXO

These quick videos give you a first look in the box and explain everything that comes with the
Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulators.

Transform your game with leading golf simulator and analyzer technology.
Precise ball-tracking is combined with the most comprehensive club data in the leading overhead simulator technology on the market.
  • QED Features
    • QED Ignite Software
    • Dual high-speed camera system
    • 24 marked balls included
  • EYE XO Features
    • EYE XO View Software
    • Dual high-speed camera system with higher resolution video graphics
    • Enhanced ball data metrics like impact location, club loft, lie angles, and attack angle. No marked balls required.

Bundle and save!

Creating a fully-loaded golf simulator in a home or commercial facility has never been easier, or more affordable! Simply choose your Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit size, Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Software and watch the savings add up.

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