Carl's Golf Screen Comparison Chart

Key Deciding Factors

Carl's Place Enclosure Edge_finishes_Standard_Classic_WBG_1200x1200_logo_C Standard Material Edge_finishes_Preferred_Classic_WBG_1200x1200_CPreferred Material Edge_finishes_Premium_Classic_WBG_1200x1200_CPremium Material
Why buy this projector screen material? Best Value for Home Use Better Image than Standard for Just a Few Extra Dollars, Home or Light Commercial Use Top-Seller for Commercial, Coaching, Professional, and Home Usage
Image Quality Good, and at this price, you will love it! Smoother surface provides improved image quality Thick, multilayer fabric with the tightest weave helps to provide superior image quality and reduce noise
Material Composition 100% Heavy-Duty Polyester; Loosely Woven with an Open Weave 100% Heavy-Duty Polyester with Silicone Reinforcement; Tightly Woven Knit Thick, multilayer fabric with the tightest weave
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Our best value for home users is our Standard golf screen which offers the most budget-friendly option. Our Preferred offers an upgraded image for just a few dollars more. However, our top-selling product with the highest customer satisfaction is our Premium. Premium offers some noise reduction which helps to dampen the sound of each strike of the ball and helps to reduce bounce back.

Additionally, all our golf impact screen materials are compatible for HD/4K projection, though your projector, of course, will need to be capable of projecting a native high-definition resolution. Standard impact screens have the most texture and are likely to provide the appearance of a lower resolution image. While Premium impact screens have very little texture, they can provide the sharpest possible picture for your high-definition images. *** The properties of Preferred's single layer construction are likely to show the most prominent dimples from each ball strike. The dimples do not hurt the material, but it may be visible within your image.

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