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How To Build A Golf Simulator with Carl's Impact Screen

How to Build a Golf Simulator Enclosure

How To Build a Golf Simulator

Thanks to some great products that are finally attainable to the average do-it-yourselfer, building your own golf simulator is surprisingly easy with the right combination of products. Here are the basic components of the system that you’ll want to consider and a brief explanation of how to get your own simulator up and running in no time.

The Basic Components

  • Carl's Golf Simulator Screen: The screen on which you project the visuals of your simulator also acts as the primary impact surface for your driven ball.
  • A projector: To get that big image you’ll need a projector properly sized for the job.
  • A hitting cage enclosure with baffle net: Unless you're a seasoned pro, you probably don't trust yourself to hit the ball exactly on target every single time. You'll need something to stop the ball from flying off target and bouncing around the room.
  • A swing analyzer/digitizer: You'll need some sort of interface to tell your simulator how you have struck your ball. Most of these will require some form of PC to run the associated software.
  • Accessories: Depending on your other choices, you may benefit from a few extras. Some artificial turf, a mat to stand, or overhead lights may or may not be requirements.

Carl's Golf Impact Screen

Our specialty at Carl’s Place is in manufacturing screens, and so we of course offer over 100 sizes and options for golf impact screens. All of our impact screens are designed to take the impact of real golf balls while maximizing the performance of your projected image. Keep in mind, since we sell both movie projection screens and golf impact screens; any product suitable for golf will have the words "Golf" and "Impact" in the product title. Unfortunately, the rest of our product line will not withstand the impact of a golf ball.

Carl's Premium Golf Impact Screen
Carl's Golf Simulator Screens withstand direct impact from real golf balls up-to 250MPH

Short Throw Projector

There are a few important things to consider when choosing a projector for your golf simulator. First, since most simulators tend to be more square in shape, what aspect ratio will you choose? This is one situation where a 4:3 projector will fill more of your 10x10 or 10x12 hitting surface more fully than a 16:9 aspect ratio projector will.

On the other hand, you'll want to make sure that the projector can be mounted in such a way that will not cause the user to cast shadows on your screen. Depending on the size of your projector, you might want to consider one with a short-throw lens for this reason. Here are some projectors that we have picked out as examples that might fit your simulator well:

ST Projectors for Golf Simulators

Golf Simulator Enclosure Fittings

Our DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Fittings are intended for customers who plan to build a golf simulator hitting cage. To build a cage you will need 1" EMT. View Carl's: Fittings to Build a Low Profile Golf Screen Enclosure (up to 24 Ft Wide) or Build a Full Golf Hitting Cage/Cube (up to 10-12 Ft Wide). These are simple and cost-effective options.

Baffle Net

Most folks will require an enclosure to make sure those errant shots don't do major damage in the room holding your simulator. Carl's Place offers some handy kits that help you build exactly that out of the same components used on our very popular projector screen kits. We can provide the fittings and a design to build a frame to hold a pre-made net that comes in standard sizes.

Baffle Net for Golf Simulators

Swing Analyzer

As the real brains behind your system, the swing analyzer you choose will really decide the look and feel and accuracy of your simulator. There are a few out there for you to choose from, all with their strengths and weaknesses.

Swing Analyzer Projectors for Golf Simulators


There are a few accessories that can really complete your simulator setup. Consider the following:

Golf Simulator Accessories