How to Extend the Life of your Golf Impact Screen

You’ve done your research, ordered the perfect golf impact screen and installed the indoor golf setup you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Now the question is…how do you make the impact screen last as long as possible?

It’s no secret that hitting screens are “wearable” products, and depending on the individual use, they may start showing wear immediately after first use. This is normal. All of our impact screens, however, should withstand several thousands of strikes from even the best golfers. Here are a handful of best practices you can follow to extend the life of your golf impact screen.

1. Choose the right impact material

Make sure you are considering your usage when selecting a golf impact screen material. Golf simulator impact screens are available in varying textures, thicknesses and price points. For more information on picking the best screen for your use, the article How To Choose a Golf Impact Screen Material reviews several things to consider. This article documents the test results from different materials.

2. Install appropriately

You’ll want to be sure your screen has just enough tension that visible wrinkles are removed, resulting in a clear projected image and minimized bounce back. It’s easiest to achieve your desired tension when you attach your screen to a sturdy frame. You can use fittings to design your own hitting cage for a simple installation. Getting the right balance of tension sometimes takes trial and error but doing so will extend the life of your screen. It’s also important that the edges of the screen are covered and that you do what you can to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars and neighboring homes from mishits. A DIY golf simulator enclosure kit is an easy and inexpensive solution. For high-end or commercial installations, our Pro golf simulator enclosure kit is a great choice. Check out this article for tips on reducing golf impact screen bounce back.

Golf Impact Screen Installation
Customer Installation of Carl’s Golf Impact Screen

3. Create enough space

Keep enough space between the screen and any walls or objects behind it to avoid contact when the screen is hit. This actual distance required will depend on the force of your swing, but in most cases 12-16 inches is recommended.

Caution: To decrease your risk of bounce back and greatly reduce the chances of getting hit with a golf ball do *not* stand closer than 10-11 feet away from the screen.  Customers who stand closer will experience bounce back and increase the risk of injury. We recommendation standing a minimum 15 feet away from the screen for safety.

4. Use new golf balls

Golf screens are designed to take an impact from real golf balls just like you would use on an outdoor course. Using white balls that are free from any scuffs or permanent marker will go a long way in maximizing the life of your screen. Used balls can be cleaned prior to indoor use, but any nicks or abrasion on the surface of the ball that come in contact with the screen will accelerate normal wear. It’s also a good idea to clean your clubs to avoid any dirt transfer. This club and ball cleaner is a popular choice. Take care to only use balls in new or like-new condition to preserve your screen for as long as possible. Golf balls like these and these are popular choices for an indoor golf simulator.

Golf Impact Screen in Clean and Safe Environment
Customer Installation of Carl’s Golf Impact Screen

5. Take care when cleaning and storing

In the best scenario, you would only use your golf impact screen in a clean and dry environment where regular cleaning will not be required. If light spot cleaning is necessary, use water and a soft rag or sponge. Mild dish soap can be used but it is recommended to test a small area first. Then, use a hair dryer to dry the screen quickly. Always make sure your screen is completely clean and dry before storing to avoid spots, mold or mildew. If you plan to repeatedly fold and unfold your screen, do so loosely. Long-term storage and tight folds may take a few days or even a few weeks to relax. For additional tips on cleaning and storing, make sure to check out these golf impact material FAQs.

In summary, following just a few best practices will help you get the most life out of your golf impact screen material. However, no projector screen material lasts forever. When it’s finally time for a new screen, there’s no need to replace your existing frame or enclosure as Carl’s Place can easily make a replacement impact screen to your specifications, fitting perfectly in your existing setup.