7 Reasons To Buy A Golf Simulator In The Spring

From getting rid of that winter weight to splurging your tax refund, here are 7 fantastic reasons why spring is a great time to buy a golf simulator.

Birds are chirping. Snow is melting. Grass is greening. Golf is coming.

Or, if you had a golf simulator, you wouldn’t have had to go through that rough breakup with golf a few months ago.

To avoid that breakup again next year, let’s go over why spring is a great time to invest in a golf simulator.


Since nearly everyone wanted to order a golf simulator in the winter, lead times got long and backorders aplenty. Once spring rolls around, most golfers can’t get their minds off getting back outside, which helps the supply chain and manufacturing slowly catch up. 

Take advantage of the slower times. Order a golf simulator and don’t wait as long as everyone in the winter had to. 


Do you own or know anyone who owns a golf course? Spring is a great time for a golf course to invest in a golf simulator, despite the outdoor golf season kicking into full gear. 

Get your golf simulator set up in the spring. Your customers and members see it in use all summer. You’ll pique their interest. Get them thinking ahead about inclement weather days and winter. What a great way to keep your golf course business relevant year round

This is also true for businesses that quiet down in the summer. If you’re in an area where it will start getting too hot to play golf outdoors, attract customers with an indoor golf simulator. Your restaurant, bar, or any business that needs entertainment, will be hopping year round.


In many areas, spring brings showers … sometimes a lot of showers. Hate when you’re forced to walk a course due to wet conditions, or keep your cart on the cart path? Do you dread having to rescheduled a tee time because of rain? 

Ditch those wet golf conditions with a golf simulator. You don’t have to worry about walking miles to play the game you love, and also don’t have to worry about your shoes/socks getting soaked or hitting off sopping wet fairways.

You’ll want a golf simulator, especially with a Carl’s Place Enclosure and Impact Screen, so you can stay out of the elements and keep your game sharp for when you can get back outside. You also won’t have to worry about hitting off wet turf with your Carl’s Place Hitting Mat


As trees and other plants start budding,...ah-choo! Sorry about that. Spring tends to be a common time for people to start feeling the effects of their seasonal allergies.

If you have a golf simulator in your home, you are in full control of whether you have to deal with some allergies. If you’re still sneezing indoors, maybe your house needs a good dusting, or you might need to think about getting rid of that new pet. No! Not Fluffy!


Do you tend to put on some winter hibernation weight each year and still need to burn it off come spring? Does all that spring moisture not only interfere with your golf schedule, but also your exercise schedule?

A golf simulator can provide at least some exercise, despite not having to walk around on a golf course. Don’t believe us? Try playing a round of simulator golf and see how many swings you can get in a short period of time, and we’d be willing to bet you’ll be working up a sweat.


We can’t speak for all regions, but we feel comfortable saying that a lot of us in the Midwest enjoy heading south to warmer states when spring break rolls around. And the golfers up here will pack up their clubs to play a few rounds in Florida, Arizona, or wherever we migrate to for that week.

Well, there’s no need or pressure to do that each year when you have a golf simulator. Play some of the world’s most famous courses for “free” and without having to travel!


Last, but certainly not least, that “secret savings account” that you contribute to each and every paycheck … yeah, most of us get some of that emptied back into our pockets in the spring. 

We’re not financial advisors. If we were, we’d probably tell you to work on that emergency fund first. But if you can afford to splurge, spend that tax refund on something that lasts. 

A boat? Nope. Think of the maintenance!

Vacation? Meh, those end and you’re left with dirty clothes and photos.

A golf simulator? Now that is one of the better options! Long-lasting fun. Family friendly. Minimal upkeep.

There you go. Seven fantastic reasons spring is the best time to buy a golf simulator. Now go ahead and look through our golf simulator packages for the option that suits you best.

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