Why Fall Is A Great Time To Order A Golf Simulator

There is never a bad time to order a golf simulator, but autumn tends to be popular. Of course cooling weather is a factor, but why else?

Golf course in the fall

What if I told you … that when those first brisk temperatures of the autumn hit, your golf season really isn’t ending. It’s just continuing.

With a home golf simulator, this could be the case for you. Stop battling leaves while you look for your ball and play much more efficient golf in your simulator.

These are just a few of the great reasons to get a golf simulator in the fall season. We’ll pass on some more below.


At Carl’s Place, being located in Wisconsin, we understand that your golf game might take a hit during the harsh, cold winter months. 

Due to many others having the same idea, you might run into some lead times and backorders when you place an order for a golf simulator in the fall. However, you should still get it in time to use for most of the winter when you’re stuck inside.

If you order early enough in fall, think September-October, you should be able to transfer from outside golf to indoor golf seamlessly to keep your golf game sharp. 

You’re not in high school or college anymore, so don’t procrastinate any longer than you already have to place your order. If you wait until November, you may not get to golf indoors in your stretchy pants after overindulging on Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie.

Ready to take our word for it? Might we suggest a Carl’s Place Enclosure and Impact Screen?


As we move away from summer and into fall and winter, days start to get shorter. Sometimes it feels like the sun is setting as you leave work.

With a golf simulator, you can play at any time of day, even when it’s pitch black outside. 

It’s 2 a.m. and you still can’t fall asleep? Go wear yourself out with a quick 18 on your golf simulator. 


Although most kids enjoy getting out and playing in the leaves and snow, the temperatures only allow that to happen for so long. 

A golf simulator is a safe and fun alternative to the leaf piles and incoming freezing temps. Your kids will enjoy many different game options while also getting some physical activity and improving skills like their hand-eye coordination. 

Maybe they’ll end up loving it and getting to the PGA (probably not, but hey the odds are better than winning the lottery!), allowing you to retire early for just the small, up-front investment of a golf simulator. 


If you own your own business, you might have seasonality to it that causes a slow down in the winter. 

Don’t wait, otherwise you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like. 


Many take advantage of the warmer temps outside to get exercise in the summer. 

So what do they do in the winter? Maybe they spend money on a gym membership. While that’s not a terrible idea, we think using a golf simulator on a regular basis can help get that heart pumping. 

Don’t laugh. Play a quick round of golf on a simulator and we bet you’ll be sweating after 18 holes. 


Looking to get away late fall or early winter to keep golfing? Don’t worry about planning a trip to your favorite famous golf course. 

Use that money you will save from not vacationing and instead buy a golf simulator, where you can “fly to” many other famous golf courses in a matter of minutes. 


Save time and money with a golf simulator. No packing up and traveling to the course. No gas needed and no wear and tear put on your car. No greens fees, rangs balls, golf gloves, etc. needed to be purchased.

Yes, it’s a larger up front investment, but your golf simulator will start saving you money in no time. 


Having trouble picking out a golf outfit for your upcoming tee time? Stay in your PJs, save the stress of having to get “dressed up” and play golf on your simulator within a few minutes of waking up.


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