Best Golf Hitting Mats: 2022

Most affordable. Most durable. Or most realistic. Make sure to do your research on which golf hitting mat will work best for your indoor golf simulator.

Carl's Place Hitting Mat

You finally picked out your golf enclosure, impact screen, launch monitor and projector. They are delivered and you get your golf simulator installed and working. You go to hit your first ball and as you toss the ball onto your floor, it just keeps bouncing away.

That’s when it hits you that you forgot an important piece to your golf simulator: a hitting mat, duh! Trust us, you don’t want to hit balls off your cement garage floor or basement carpeting. It’s not good for your clubs, it’s not good for your floor, and ultimately it’s not great for your golf swing.

It’s all good because we are here to help provide you with the best golf hitting mats as we enter into 2022!


I’m sure all of you are rolling your eyes thinking, “Look at these goons suggesting their golf mat as the top option.” Of course we are, and it’s not just because we are trying to sell it.

Any product we offer we stand behind completely, and the Carl’s Place Hitting Mat is no different. At Carl’s Place, we are all about high quality products at reasonable prices and our golf hitting mat is just that!

It is soft and squishy, which is good for a couple reasons: it provides a realistic golf course feel and will not hurt your joints after hitting hundreds of balls off of it. It also has three rubber tee receiver holes on each side, and can hold an actual tee in the turf, so you have many options on where to place a tee. 

It might not have the same bells and whistles as some of the other hitting mats you can purchase, but the price for the product you get is hard to beat.

For all-around, budget-friendly, the Carl’s Place Hitting Mat is the Best ‘Bang For Your Buck’ Golf Hitting Mat.


Don't mistake the term flexible for its ability to be bent or rolled, but know that it means the Country Club Elite mats come in many size options. If you're a shorter golfer, you could get away with the 4x5' size, or if you're a bit taller, maybe the 4x6'. Or, if you want to have room for righties and lefties to play at the same time without having to move the heavy duty mat, you might want to go huge with the 5x10'.


There aren’t many hitting mats that do it as well as TrueStrike. Their hitting mats are:

  • Heavy duty: they won’t move when you swing
  • Modular: makes for easy assembly and changes to pieces when needed. Want a ball tray instead of an end trim? Sure. Need to replace a range mat section? Easy enough.
  • Great sizes: Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your need.

But the game changer for us with the TrueStrike is the gel section hitting area for irons and wedges. Like hitting off a fairway, it’s nice and soft, but it also realistically punishes if you catch the ground first. 

A solid (or should I say, gel) option, the TrueStrike Hitting Mat is our choice for Best Realistic Golf Hitting Mat.


Although we don’t sell Fiberbuilt mats, we do have one of their 4-foot-by-9-foot Grass Series Studio Golf Mats that we play on frequently, and we enjoy it for a couple different reasons. 

First of all, it’s durable. After thousands of shots, it’s hard to notice any obvious wear and tear.

Second, like the mats above: it’s forgiving and easy on the wrists and elbows.

Lastly, it’s similar to TrueStrike in that it is heavy, meaning it won’t move when you swing, and is modular, meaning it’s possible to put together and take apart when necessary. Fiberbuilt has also created a mat in its Player Preferred series with a vibration absorption layer, similar to TrueStrike’s gel section. 

Fiberbuilt’s variety and ability to withstand endless swings makes it the Best Durable Golf Hitting Mat of 2022. 


There are several other brands of hitting mats on the market - such as 5 Star Golf Mats, Monster Mats, and so on - that offer some of the same qualities as the mats listed above.

Be sure to not forget about getting a hitting mat for your setup, but also don’t go too cheap, otherwise your joints and golf game will pay for it. As with most items, especially in the indoor golf industry, you get what you pay for: the less expensive options might hurt those joints, while the higher end options will be great for golfing on, but not for the wallet. 

It all depends on where your priorities lie!

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