Can you play Augusta National on a golf simulator?

It's not easy to find, and the course is understandably difficult, but there are options to play at the same course as The MastersⓇ Tournament on a golf simulator.

There’s a pretty good chance that you have never been to Georgia to play Augusta National Golf ClubSM. Very few people ever have and seemingly ever will.

But April is here, and golf fans know that means the best players in the world will be teeing it up in search of the first major tournament win of the year. The MastersⓇ Tournament week feeling is hard to beat in the golf world, similar to March Madness in the basketball world. 



Since most of us will never play the real life Augusta National Golf Club, here are some options for you to play in your own house! Of course, you will have to be a paid subscriber to the associated golf simulator software to have these opportunities.

How Can I Play Augusta National On My Golf Simulator?

The name AugustaⓇ is trademarked. We can only use it here because it’s for informational purposes. #1stamendment. Try to use the name for profit and there go the trademark alarm bells. But, golf simulator softwares and their users can recreate the dimensions and topography of the course. They just cannot name it “Augusta.” 

Our two favorite ways to play Augusta on a golf simulator happen to be on TGC 2019 and GSPro software. Need help choosing which software to use in your golf simulator?


On TGC, you can play Augusta National; the course is named “Firethorn.” When you search for Firethorn, there will be several options to play. Check out the ones with the best reviews and highest amounts of rounds played to find the best version. 

Play Firethorn on TGC 2019

This screenshot shows the 16th hole on the Firethorn (Member Tees) course on TGC 2019 Golf Simulator software.


To play Augusta National on GSPro, go to local match, and search and download "Georgia Golf Club.” You’ll notice it seems to be pretty similar to what most would refer to as Augusta National in real life ;). Just take a look at the flyover of the famous 12th hole in the GIF below. 

giphy (14)

Did you know? You can also play the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open and the British Open at home!

Trademarks belong to Augusta National, Inc. and are being used for informational purposes only.


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