A Place to Retire & Play Golf? Try Your Home

Along with plenty of other hobbies you’re planning to start when you’re done working, you should also retire and play golf. You won’t regret it. 

Happy golf simulator user

Many will say golf has become a young persons’ game again. 

Others, such as Carl’s Place customer Scott W., will argue “old” people  want to retire and play golf as well. 

Scott was once “young” and into golf when he was around 20 years old, but then his dedication to his career as a police officer took over a lot of his free time. Now, 30 years later, he has retired from the department and is working just part time in law enforcement, meaning he has more free time to get back into golf.

“The first time I got into golf was when I was about 18 years old,” the Kentucky resident said. “It was one of those things where I would go out with some buddies and they would show me some things … I was more or less self taught.

“When I started thinking about retiring from the police department, that’s when I really started to get back interested in it. I started playing a lot, started taking some formalized lessons and joined a country club. I got totally immersed and became a fanatical golf enthusiast.”


Retirees are always looking to fill their free time with new hobbies, whether that’s boating, motorcycling, vacationing or something else. 

“I like to fish, but golf has really become a first and foremost hobby,” Scott said. “This is my 5th year of belonging to a country club. I usually play 2 or 3 times a week at the course, weather permitting … I’m in it for the long haul. I do want to get better and that’s the big reason.”

Golf became such a huge hobby for Scott that after retiring, he wanted to move to Florida so he could play more golf year round. However, his fiancee’s children and grandchildren already lived in their area and she did not want to move farther away from them.


So they compromised and included a golf simulator room in the design of their new home build. 

“I told her with me having more free time now, I really wanted to be able to immerse myself more into this game to get better,” Scott said. “If we went to Florida, it’s (nearly) 24/7/365 golf. Here in Kentucky, not so much.”

So in the process of designing and building the house, Scott started doing some research on golf simulators. He stumbled across the Carl’s Place website and YouTube videos, and the ideas took off. 

“I called (Carl’s Place) and Zach was the one who answered the phone. Right from the very beginning, he was very professional. He listened to my concerns, he listened to my ideas. That said a lot right there,” Scott said. “Here I am, a nobody from Louisville asking all these questions about a golf simulator in my house. 

“From the very first contact I had with Zach, he went above and beyond to explain some of these things and told me a little bit about what you guys do, the different products and things.”


Scott’s golf simulator room dimensions were 14-by-19-feet with 11-foot ceilings. He said if he had unlimited space and an unlimited wallet, the space ideally would be larger, but he knew he could get a nice golf simulator setup with those numbers.

Since the depth of the room wasn’t enough to have a radar launch monitor such as a Trackman or Mevo+, Zach advised that an overhead launch monitor might be the best route for Scott.

After several discussions with the Carl’s Place Customer Service Team, Scott ordered a(n):

“(The golf simulator is) for entertainment purposes but it’s more for me to become a better golfer, and I think it’s going to afford me that opportunity to do that,” Scott said.

After several weeks of use, Scott said he is “absolutely loving it” so far.

“Up to this particular point, I can’t complain about anything at all,” Scott said.


Scott ended up taking advantage of the Carl’s Place Custom Simulator Design Service, which helps the customer and/or any builders or architects learn where they will need to put electrical outlets, run cables, mount electronics, and so on. The service also provides high quality renditions of what the space will look like when finished. 

“We spent countless hours on the phone with the logistics of me living here and him living and working there, it was a big leap of faith for me,” Scott said. “We started putting totals together to figure out how much this was going to cost. It’s money well spent, but I gotta be honest, I was extremely nervous with the logistics of this and sending that amount of money and making sure I was getting what was advertised. 

“(Zach) totally stepped outside the box and made me feel 100 percent comfortable in my decision to where I didn’t really have any doubts. He assured me that everything was going to be good with the products that you guys were selling me. I cannot be happier with how this thing turned out.

“No matter when I called up there and somebody picked up the phone and I was trying to get a hold of Zach, everybody was always very nice. They’ve always been pleasant and easy to talk to. Everybody who I’ve encountered at Carl’s Place thus far has gone above and beyond and always been very nice and I appreciate that as a customer.

“The customer service has been second to none. I’m very pleased.”

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