Carl’s Launch Monitor Alignment Stand - More Accurate Golf Sim Data

Have you had trouble getting the most out of your small, radar-based launch monitors, such as the Mevo+ and Garmin R10? Are the numbers on the screen not what you’re used to seeing out on the course?

Well, there are many reasons that might be happening, but one of the main reasons is that your launch monitor might not be perfectly level, or might not be at the same height/level as your hitting surface. 

If you can’t rely on your data, how is your data going to help your golf swing?

Carl's Place Launch Monitor Alignment Stand with Mevo+

Leveling up your launch monitor is one way to make sure you’re getting the most accurate readings.

That’s where the heavy duty Carl’s Launch Monitor Alignment Stand will help. With two sizes made to fit many floor-mounted launch monitors, the alignment stand can help you easily level your device if your garage floor is slanted, your carpet or turf is bunched up or your grassy area at the range is bumpy. The stand is also useful to raise up your launch monitor to your hitting surface if you don't have enough room next to your ball to place your launch monitor on your hitting mat. 

The stand comes with three adjustable, 3.5-inch screw-in legs with feet on one side. Screw the legs into the stand with the already attached feet on the bottom, and then twist on the provided screw-on tops to the legs. Once tops are fully twisted on, the legs should be easily adjustable.

The slick platform is made out of durable metal in case the stand gets knocked around or stepped on. 

An adhesive bubble level comes with the stand to help you easily and quickly level the platform out. Stick the level to the platform to make sure you don’t lose it.

Still wondering if a floor mounted launch monitor is the one for you? We put many of them to the test at the driving range, and most of them performed quite well! Some floor-mounted launch monitors are great for building a golf simulator setup on a budget

Questions about the launch monitor alignment stand? Ask us in the comments.

Carl's Place Launch Monitor Alignment Stand


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