Convince your partner that a golf simulator is a good investment

While Carl isn’t officially in the business of offering relationship advice or marriage counseling, our product team just might have years of experience helping our customers convince their wife explain the merits of a home golf simulator to a hesitant partner. 

Now, we know many of you do not golf at a professional level, and getting a golf simulator in your house likely will not change that. We’d suggest not trying to convince your partner that a golf simulator will help you join the PGA and make millions of dollars. That’s just not how golf works, and typically money can’t buy the love of your partner anyways. 

Now that we tore apart your hopes and dreams, we’ll provide some persuasive tips and more rational reasons that a golf simulator would be a great investment for your relationship. We’ll help you make what you thought was impossible, possible.

One Carl’s Place employee asked his wife: “Hey hunny, can I turn our fourth bedroom in our basement into a golf simulator room?” Her response: “Sure, if you get me that next ring to complete my wedding band that I’ve been asking for since last year.” 

So there’s one idea: buy your partner something nice that they’ve wanted for a long time to make them happy. But then you’re getting double-whammied with possibly two big purchases at once. We don’t know your financial situation, so we’ll let you figure that one out.

Man and woman talking about a golf simulator


One of the best ways to convince your partner that a golf simulator is a great investment (for more than just your golf game) is that it can be multi purpose. With just a bit of creative thinking, your golf simulator space can double as a home theater, a game room, and a family entertainment space

Many golf simulator softwares, like Golfisimo on Creative Golf 3D, provide fun games that the whole family will enjoy. Tell your partner that playing games together is a great way to achieve the quality bonding time they are always begging for. Even if your partner is not a golfer, they can still have a blast playing mini-golf, darts or castaway games using the simulator. 

Are the kids stuck inside and crawling the walls? We get it. Set them up with a game on your golf simulator and keep them entertained for hours. Your partner might actually thank you for the golf simulator idea. Who woulda thought?

Does your spouse enjoy having friends over for a movie night or hosting the neighbors for the big game? A golf sim has a party-size screen to entertain a crowd for hours. 


Yup, you read that right. You can save a whole lot of time, and after a while, save a whole lot of money. What partner would say no to having you around more often, while also having more money in the long run? 

A golf simulator can be a large up-front investment (although it doesn’t have to be … more on that here). Some pieces might need to be replaced down the line, but if you spend more right away, you won’t need to spend much in the future. An example might be getting a high-quality hitting mat that will last you much longer than an inexpensive one.

If you do it well the first time, you won’t need to upgrade it for a while, or at all. However, you will still have the option to upgrade if you want. Plus, you will save money by not having to pay for greens fees, range balls, memberships, coaching fees, and so on.

No matter how far away your favorite course is, all travel time and gas expenses are magically gone when you get a golf simulator in your home. Without having to travel to golf, you can help with more things around your home. Clean house, happy spouse. 

And, since you’re golfing at home, it will be easier for your partner to pull you away to feed the baby, fix the leaking toilet or fold the laundry. We know some of you use golf as a way to escape home life for a few hours, but remember, we are trying to help you convince your partner that a golf sim is a good idea.

For those of you who are known to make a four-hour round at the course into a six-hour absence with an extended stay at the 19th hole, your partner won’t have to worry about your whereabouts and how you’re getting home ...  when you’re already at home.


If you have a supportive partner who wants to see you continually improve in all aspects of life, then of course a home golf simulator is a no-brainer because it will improve your game.

Practicing makes you better, which in turn makes you happier, which can make your relationship stronger.

Many golfers when they hit the driving range don’t like to waste part of their bucket of balls hitting shots under 100 yards. Well, in a golf simulator, you can practice those shots over and over with an unlimited number of balls. 


As with most technology, golf simulators have improved dramatically in many ways over the past few years. Golf simulator setups no longer have to take up a large footprint or be hard-to-move/disassemble when that extra bedroom is needed for your newest child or a work-from-home office.

The Carl’s Place DIY Enclosure with a Carl’s Place Impact Screen is a high quality setup that can be put together and taken down easily in little time. 

Several launch monitors, such as the FlightScope Mevo+ and SkyTrak, are easily moved in and out of storage. Many also run off of apps that you can put on a phone or tablet instead of having a computer to move and cables to take down or hide.


As you read above, there are plenty of ways to convince your partner that a golf simulator is a great investment for your home. 

However, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each person will have to evaluate their situation and what their partner will react best to, or try to cure any worries their partner might have.

Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the disagreement that might ensue after you choose the wrong way to convince your partner. Choose wisely.

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