What’s New With Mevo+? 2022 Updates to Your Launch Monitor

Mevo+ club data2022 brings us updates to the FS Golf app and firmware of the Mevo+ launch monitor, while also adding on the optional Pro Package and Fusion Tracking technology. More data, better golf. 


FlightScope is trying to break the internet with its newest options for the Mevo+ launch monitor

The Mevo+ is already an affordable, high quality launch monitor, but between an update to the FS Golf app, a firmware update and the addition of the optional Pro Package, users will get so much more.

Mevo+ 2022 Upgrades

  1. Updated FS Golf app
  2. Firmware Update
  3. Pro Package Add-On

The normal package for the Mevo+ provides you all of the ball data you need, while the Pro Package is FlightScope’s upgrade to give you even more data.

Mevo+ Pro Package Upgrade

For just a one-time payment of $1,000, the Mevo+ Pro Package will add on metrics such as club path, vertical and horizontal swing plane, dynamic loft, and much more. 

We tested out the Mevo+ at the driving range, and it already proved to be quite accurate. 

Check out this chart from FlightScope to give you a better idea of how much more the Pro Package will give you. 



Addition of Fusion Tracking Technology to Mevo+

FlightScope also moved its Fusion Tracking technology, typically only available on its high-end X3 launch monitor, to the Mevo+ as well. According to FlightScope’s website, Fusion Tracking is an “innovative combination of 3D Doppler Tracking Radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy.” 

Fusion Tracking is a free update for every Mevo+ owner. 

Even More Options for Mevo+ in 2022

Also available will be 2D and 3D club analysis, chipping and putting data and swing training.

The swing training mode will allow you to get feedback on your swing without having to hit a golf ball; you will be able to see clubhead speed, vertical plane and horizontal plane, but V-plane and H-plane will only be available with the Pro Package. 

The update will also allow you to practice your chipping and putting outside of just course play, and will include their speed and acceleration profiles within the FS Golf app. The speed and acceleration profiles provide essential data mostly for club fitters as it will tell them what the shaft is doing throughout the swing. 

On its website, FlightScope Founder and CEO Henri Johnson said the new package will provide more access to important data to not only golfers, but instructors, coaches and club fitters “at a price never seen before in the industry.”

Both radar and camera-based launch monitors have pros and cons, so combining the two types of launch monitors should provide the best of both worlds for Mevo+ users.

How to Upgrade Your Mevo+

If you already own a Mevo+ and purchase the upgrade to the Pro Package, you will receive an electronic license key that you will use during a firmware update to unlock the extra data on your Mevo+ launch monitor.

The Mevo+ Pro Package retails for $1,000, but existing Mevo+ customers (who bought a Mevo+ before Feb. 1, 2022) receive a discount of $100.

Note: Some of these features will not be available until mid-February 2022.

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