Why Winter is a great time to order a golf simulator

Golf in winter is sure a lot easier with an indoor golf simulator. No Snowy Divots. No Freezing Hands. No Icy Fairways. Winter is a great time to order a golf simulator!


Golfing in snow

Ummmm … hard to think of a better time to order a golf simulator than during the winter.

Ideally, maybe you order a home golf simulator a little before winter so you have access to it from the start of the season, but with outdoor golf unplayable in many areas, it’s a good idea to get an indoor setup going.

There is no need to get a sled or skis out to play golf in winter when you have the option of indoor golf. Stay warm and find your ball much easier in your simulator. And, if you get a home golf simulator in winter, you will have it for those upcoming rainy spring and summer days.

Here are a few more great reasons to get a golf simulator in the winter.


Winter brings shorter days, which means less time to play outside if you even have the option. 

With a Carl’s Place Enclosure and Impact Screen, play at any time of day. Didn’t have time to get out before dark or hit the range before close? Your home golf simulator is always open. Just make sure to put it far enough away from the spouse and kids so you can use it while they are sleeping.


Some kids may love playing in the snow and ice, but that can only last for so long when the temperatures are that cold. 

Keep your kids entertained for hours with some kid friendly golf simulator software options. They can enjoy all sorts of different games, shorter courses and much more. Maybe they will even become interested in golf enough to want to join you on the actual course someday!


Have you been wondering how to keep your golf course business going year round? Pretty simple: a golf simulator can bring in that extra money!

Order now so you can get your simulator up before winter is over, and start thinking of how you’re going to reach out to your customers and members to get them excited about coming in to use it!


Let’s be honest: exercising outside in the cold of winter sucks. Using boring exercise equipment sucks. Spending money on a gym membership also sucks. 

Staying (somewhat) in shape by swinging a golf club and playing a fun game? Definitely doesn’t suck.

Don’t laugh. Play a quick round of golf on a simulator and we bet your heart will be pumping and you’ll be sweating after 18 holes. 


Escape from the winter doldrums to your favorite warm weather golf course … without the hassles and cost of travel!

Staycations are definitely more popular now to save money and escape the stresses of life. Enjoy your staycation playing your favorite golf course on a golf simulator!


What’s better than sitting next to a nice, warm fireplace on the coldest of winter days? Playing golf next to a nice, warm fireplace in your favorite pajamas and slippers.

No need to worry about getting dressed up in a collared shirt and appropriate pants with a home golf simulator!

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