Why Summer Is A Great Time To Order A Golf Simulator

Between getting a jump start on the indoor golf season and entertaining the kiddos over summer break - summer is a great time to consider a home golf simulator.

It’s the heat of the outdoor golf season - your mind likely won’t be on purchasing an indoor golf simulator.

Well, maybe it should be, and these are the reasons why!


Once those first chilly temperatures hit, everybody is going to start thinking about indoor golf. Get a head start on them to avoid long lead times and backorders.

Oh yeah, and you’ll get your golf simulator sooner, which means taking advantage of more swings in the sim!

The PGA Tour season starts in the fall, so if you buy and assemble your golf simulator before the season starts, you could play along with the pros many weekends throughout the whole season.


For parents, summer can be stressful as the kids are home and need something to entertain them.

Instead of allowing them to play Minecraft or Fortnite (or whatever game is popular nowadays), entertain them with a golf simulator! You get the best of both worlds with them getting some physical activity while also kind of playing a video game. It is sure to keep them busy for hours on end.

Who knows … maybe they will love it enough and become a good enough golfer to get a scholarship to play at the collegiate level, saving you from having to pay for their future education. And then they will go pro and help you retire early, all from just buying a golf simulator.

Likely? Probably not. But you won’t know until you try it!


If you know someone who owns a golf course (maybe it's you), let them know that summer is a great time to jump at the opportunity to get a golf simulator. 

Not only will you get it faster than if you order in fall or winter, but you will have some leftover time at the end of the outdoor season to show it off to your customers and members in hopes of keeping them golf year round similar to The 1912 Club

Golf simulators are great to have for inclement weather days as well, and we know late summer, fall and winter will produce some of those (especially in the Midwest).


Golfer overheating with cool towel on head

Speaking of inclement weather … no matter what climate you live in, having an indoor golf option is clutch.

Too hot? Golf inside. Too cold? Get warm in your golf simulator. Rainy? Ditch the umbrella and stay dry in your golf sim. 

Don’t fret about rescheduling or missing your sought after tee time and golf whenever you want at your Carl’s Place Enclosure and Impact Screen, where the turf is always dry with a Carl’s Place Hitting Mat (unless, of course, you spill your homemade Arnold Palmer drink all over it). 

Maybe you live in a state that gets unbearably warm. Avoid that nasty sweat and sunburn with your indoor golf simulator like Carl’s Place customer DJ does in Arizona


Save money by not having to purchase a membership to a gym, and save sweat and public embarrassment from exercising outside by getting a little workout in your golf simulator. 

Many might laugh at the idea of golf being good exercise, but let us tell you that playing a quick round of golf on a simulator will not only help you work up a sweat, but strengthen the muscles you need to improve in golf. You’ll know exactly what muscles those are when you are sore the next day after using your golf simulator. 


Summer is a popular time to travel because you know most regions will have at least somewhat respectable weather for outdoor activities, including golf. 

Maybe you really need a vacation, but don’t have the budget to take a trip each year. If you buy a golf simulator, sure, it’s a large up front purchase, but over time, you can save money by not traveling to golf! Play your favorite big-name courses from your basement, garage, storage shed, living room … wherever you want in your house!

That saved money can then be spent on new golf equipment or awesome golf simulator accessories like Carl’s Place Cameras!


Save time and money with a golf simulator. No packing up and traveling to the course. No gas needed and no wear and tear put on your car. No greens fees, rangs balls, golf gloves, etc. needed to be purchased.

Yes, it’s a larger up front investment, but your golf simulator will start saving you money in no time. 


Having trouble picking out a golf outfit for your upcoming tee time? Save the stress of having to get “dressed up” and play golf on your simulator within a few minutes of waking up!


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